AISI 1040 flat bar

AISI 1040 Flat Bar

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What is AISI 1040 flat bar?

Steel Grade 1040 is considered high-carbon steel because it has a higher content of carbon along with other alloying elements. Along with Iron as a primary element, it contains 0.370-0.440% of Carbon, 0.60-0.90% of Manganese, 0-0.050% of Sulfur, 0.040% of Phosphorus, and other elements in small amounts.

AISI 1040 Flat Bar is one of the many products of 1040 Steel Grade. Also known as AISI 1040 Carbon Steel Flat Bar, they come in the shape of a flat rectangular bar. This product has sub-types depending on the way they’re processed. Two of the types include the manufacturing of AISI 1040 Cold Drawn Steel Flats and 1040 Hot Rolled Steel Rolling Flat Bar. These Flat Bars are used in industries for machines where good strength is required. AISI C1040 Steel Bright Flat Bar is also one kind of steel made with different processing.

1040 flat bar sizes, specification, composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1040 flat bar specification

AISI 1040 flat bar properties

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Can you harden 1040 steel flats?

The AISI 1040 Carbon Steel Grade is a high carbon content steel. They have a tensile strength of 620 MPa (89900 psi) and a yield strength of 415 MPa (60200 psi). The machinability rating of such steels has a rating of 60. They offer a Brinell hardness of 201 in metric measurement.

These steels are convenient to go through various processes of industrial treatment. Being a product of the steels grade, 1040 steel flats can be hardened by various methods involved in heat treatment which involves heating in temperatures ranging from 844 to 899°C (1550 to 1650°F). The process is then followed by quenching in water and tempering. This allows the steels to offer tensile strength up to 150 to 250 ksi.

High-speed facility for UT systems of SAE1040 cold rolled steel flats and AISI 1040 hr steel flat bars

Can AISI 1040 flat rod be welded?

AISI 1040 Steels are great because they are convenient for performing industrial treatments. They can easily go through the process of welding, heat treatment, forging, tempering, annealing, cold working, hard-working, and methods as such. Being steels that is easy to process, it is used in the manufacture of couplings, crankshafts, and cold-headed parts in industries.

Similarly, AISI 1040 flat rod can be welded using various welding techniques. These techniques involve the pre-heating of the Steel flats at 149 to 260°C (300 to 500°F) and its post-heating at 594 to 649°C (1100 to 1200°F). With the help of welding, they form a wide variety of useful materials required in the machinery industry.

Least expensive method of manufacture, SAE 1040 carbon steel flat rod uses cold drawn or cold rolled conditions

Is SAE1040 flat bar a mild steel?

Mild steel is a type of carbon steel in which there is a low amount of carbon content in its composition. It is also known as “low-carbon steels.” The range of carbon in such steels is 0.05% to 0.25% by weight. High Carbon Steels on the other hand contain higher carbon content ranging from 0.30% to 2.0%.

By statistics, Steel Grade 1040 comes under the category of high carbon steels but they rank in the bottom tier of it. So, SAE 1040 Flat Bar is not mild steels but rather medium carbon steel. Having more than enough carbon content in comparison with the low carbon steels, they range in the category of high carbon steels. The same goes for the products such as AISI 1040 Steel Flat Bars.

AISI c1040 steel flat rod and 1040 high carbon steel flats with a diameter ranging from 25 mm to 350 mm and a length of 3-6 meters

What type of steel is SAE 1040 steel flat rod?

Coming under the category of 1040 steels, SAE 1040 Steel Flat Rod is a high carbon steels consisting of high carbon content other than the presence of Iron. The steels has good strength and a high tensile strength can be formed in it with the help of heat treatment. Such steels can be formed in the annealed condition.

The 1040 grade of steels is used in parts where strength and toughness play an important role. C1040 is used in forged parts and the manufacture of forged crankshafts and couplings. Along with this, they’re used in a variety of machinery parts where heat treatment is necessary for their application.