AISI 1040 round bar

AISI 1040 Round Bar

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What is AISI 1040 round bar?

1040 bar is mediumly strengthened steel with excellent tensile strength. An AISI 1040 Round Bar is suitable for shafts and stressed pins. It is also used in studs and keys. It is in many forms, such as round and turned. An AISI 1040 Rod is round, hot, rolled, hexagon, etc. An AISI 1040 Bar is in flat and plate form. Suppliers also supply it in chrome plated structure. An AISI 1040 Rounds is the same as EN8/080M40, alloyed medium carbon steel.

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AISI 1040 round bar sizes, specification, tolerances, chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1040 round bar specification

AISI 1040 round bar properties

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What is the SAE 1040 carbon steel round bar hardness?

The estimated hardness of SAE 1040 is tensible strength of 75000-85,000 psi. The yield strength is 40,000-50,000 psi. The elongation in SAE 1040 Carbon Steel Round Bar is 12-20. Its Brinell hardness is 160-190 BHN. 1040 has a higher carbon content for greater strength.

Let us have a look at the chemical composition of the Carbon Steel UNS G10400 Cold Drawn Round Bar. It has an iron content of 98.6-99 %. It has a manganese content of 0.60-0.90 %. It has a Carbon content of 0.370-0.440 %. It has a sulfur content of < 0.050 and a phosphorus content of <0.040 %.

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What is AISI 1040 ASTM equivalent?

Some designations equivalent to AISI 104 Steel are ASTM A29 (1040), ASTM A510 (1040). Also ASTM A513 1040 Steel Bar has a higher carbon content for greater strength than carbon alloys (0.40%). It can be made hard by the hardening treatment. Quench, and tempering can also be done to develop greater tensile strength.

A 1040 Round Bar is a steel bar because it has a smooth surface used for construction with high-strength reinforced concrete work. Its applications are on beam and column stirrups, roads, and pipelines.

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Application of 1040 bright carbon steel bar?

The 1040 Bright Carbon Steel Bar has a lot of carbon content. It is a steel grade used in industries for applications requiring greater strength. Grade 1040 has good machinability and can be used for welding.

A 1040 Steel Round Bar is widely used in mechanical, metallurgical, electric, and construction fields. It has also been used for military purposes and ships. It is used in the rear of automobile products. Many suppliers offer these bars in varying quantities. It has a high carbon content and can be hardened further by heat treatment.

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CS S40C polished bar tolerence

The width makes for the tolerance for the rectangle bar. Suppose the bar is 1.5 inches thick x 3.5 inches wide, with a width tolerance of +/-0.006 inches. An AISI 1040 Steel Bar has iron, manganese, carbon, and sulfur. It has a simple internal structure. It has a good hardness which is very high.

AISI means American Iron and Steel Institute. A Steel G10400 Black Bar is produced in a rolling mill by heating raw materials at a temperature of around 1200 C through many rolls to achieve the desired shape. A Carbon Steel 1040 Cold Rolled Bar is in a strain-headed condition.