AISI 1060 round bar

AISI 1060 Round Bar

SAE 1060 hot rolled steel bars suppliers in UAE

What is AISI 1060 round bar?

Steel grade 1060 is a bar used for general purposes. An AISI 1060 Round Bar is used for engineering, and structural steel is used in those cases where high strength is needed. 1060 carbon steel bar also requires high resistance.

AISI 1060 Round Bar is a machine building and general-purpose steel. It is used extensively in the machine-building industry. 1060 steel round bar is also used in automobile parts. It is used in axles, shafts, pistons, gears, and more. A 1060 carbon Steel Round Bar is also used in discs and solid railway wheels.

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1060 steel round bar specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1060 round bar specification

AISI 1060 round bar properties

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What is AISI 1060 cold rolled and cold drawn round bars?

High-carbon steel is used for forging and shifting. A 1060 Cold Drawn Bar is used where higher strength and wear resistance are required. It is used in hand tools, all gears, shafts, etc. it is a general-purpose 1060 Carbon Steel Bar delivered in the round and drawn condition.

A 1060 Carbon Steel Round bar can be further treated to achieve more mechanical properties. There needs to be more than 0.4 % carbon content for welding. It can be welded pre and post-welding treatment. It is used for medium strength requiring purposes like transmission and motor parts. offers SAE 1060 aluminum bar with high quality, affordability, and quick turnaround.

What is ductility, weldability and machinability of 1060 steel bar?

The machinability of 1060 steel is excellent. It is rated 70 % against the standard 1112 steel of 100 % machinability. C60 Carbon Steel Round Bars have excellent ductility and are readily formed in conventional ways. It is weldable. For heavy sections, the process of pre- and post-heating is required. It is pretty tough and can keep its edge very well. 1060 steel is also prone to rust, as with all steel. Their carbon is made of ferrite interspersed with layers of iron carbide.

Check 1060 aluminium alloy rod and SAE 1060 steel bars low hardenability in as-rolled, annealed, normalised, or liquid-quenched-and-tempered conditions

Difference between peeled and turned C60 carbon steel round bars

A round peeled bar is produced by cutting tools chipping off the surface of the steel. They give a smooth and polished surface. The turned, shiny, and uneven bars are made from 1060 Hot Rolled Bar via a turning or machining process. Carbon steel, also known as 1060 HR Steel Bars, is mostly utilized in wear rails and other items. It is employed in processes like surface hardness and flame hardening. The finest for future machining, shaping, and flame hardening, it is spheroid. Low machinability and ductility are generally present along with it.

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Application of carbon steel UNS G10600 bars

It makes rigid components like blades, cutting tools, and large machine parts. It is also used in hot water radiators and industrial castings. Carbon Steel UNS G10600 Bars a relatively low elasticity among ought carbon or nonalloy steels. It carries a moderate tensile strength and electrical conductivity.

AISI 1060 Ground Round Bars are a high carbon steel grade with high strength and hardness. It has low weldability. It is widely used for metallurgical, mechanical, military, and automobile.