AISI 1080 steel round bar

AISI 1080 Steel Round Bar

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What is AISI 1080 steel round bar?

The 1080 steel is a high-grade material that is very useful in various applications. It is applicable in the processing of multi-bar composites. AISI 1080 Steel Round Bar can be a good choice for Hamon for integral knife makers. The 1080 steel round bar is a classic 10XX grade steel which is very good for the processes of hammers. It is even used in axes. 1080 steel is applicable to make components of choppers. Steel 1980 is also beneficial for the preparation of integral knives. The 1080 High Carbon Steel Round Bar is proven to be very, very nice. It has always given so many varied types of products.

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1080 steel round bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1080 steel round bar specification

AISI 1080 steel round bar properties

AISI 1080 steel round bar sizes

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Where to use C1080 steel hexagon bar?

1080 round steel bar is used in numerous industrial applications, including It is also used in various kinds of Gears.1080 steel round bar is utilized in Ratchets also. Pinions also are made from 1080 cold-roll steel Round bars. Dowels also are made from 1080 cold-roll steel Rounds. Machine parts are also prepared with the help of this material. Components also employ a 1080A steel round bar: Household Appliances, pieces of Furniture, etc., are also made from this material. Various types of applications use it.

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What is the melting point of AISI 1080 hex bar?

The Yield tensile strength, as mentioned, is 53,700psi. The shear strength of this material is 43,500 psi. The melting point of 1080 High Carbon Steel Round Bar is 2,590-2,670; in metric terms, it is 1420-1460.

Density, 7.7-8.03 g/cm; imperial; and elastic modulus, 190-210 GPa are all present in AISI 1080 hex bar

What is peeled and Reeled ASTM 1080 carbon steel round bars?

Round peeled bars are produced with the help of cutting tools chipping off the surface of the steel, due to which a smooth and polished surface characterizes them. After that, removing possible surface defects from the rolled 080A83 Hot Rolled Round Bar product happens, and a technically surface defect-free product is removed. The round peeled bars are manufactured with the help of cutting tools, chipping off the upper part of the steel. A smooth and polished surface features it. As discussed above, peeled and reeled ASTM 1080 Square Bar steel bars are essential.

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What is the difference between NF XC80 hex bar hardening and tempering conditions?

Tempering is heating a substance to a temperature below its critical range and then cooling rapidly. Making hard is a process when steel is heated to a very high temperature and quickly cooled by quenching. Tempering is the procedure of heating a particular substance to a temperature under a critical range, and later it cools rapidly and quickly. Hardening is a process in which the steel material is heated to a very high temperature and quickly cooled by quenching which cools steel rapidly to bring out the desired characteristics of the AISI 1080 Steel Round Bar.