AISI 1117 round bar

AISI 1117 Round Bar

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What is AISI 1117 round bar?

1117 Bar is a steel made up of lower amounts of carbon and high amounts of manganese. The AISI 1117 Round Bar finds applications in steering components, studs, gears, and shafts. The mechanical properties of the 1117 steel bar include exceptional machinability. Hence, it can find applications in areas with close tolerances and smooth surface finish. However, it cannot be welded easily due to high amounts of sulfur.

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1117 steel round bar specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1117 round bar specification

AISI 1117 round bar properties

AISI 1117 round bar sizes

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Why get 1117 carbon steel bar?

1117 carbon steel is one of the most widely used steels in the world for various applications. The high popularity of the Carbon Steel UNS G11170 Rod can be credited to its toughness and exceptional strength. The forms of 1117 carbon steel widely acceptable worldwide are plates, bars, beams, and rods. The production of 1117 carbon steel is by heating the iron ore with coke rich in carbon in the blast furnace until the iron melts. Then the casting of molten metal into ingots happens. Later these ingots are subjected to heat to remove excess carbon and other impurities. The high carbon content of the metal makes it more rigid than other materials. It finds applications in many things, from cars to various buildings.

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Hot finished vs cold finished EN 1117 bar

The significant difference between hot-finished and cold-finished steel is the temperatures at which they are processed. Hot-finished 1117 bar is made when the steel is subjected to higher temperatures. The high temperatures allow the 1117 Steel Round Bar to alter its shape, and when it’s cooled, the metal shrinks non-uniformly. The hot-finished products are malleable, ductile, and robust. Cold Finished 1117 bar is a hot rolled steel allowed to cool down at room temperature and further annealed, or temper rolled. The 1117 Cold Finished Steel Round Bar has a smoother finish and uniform shapes. They also have better durability than hot-finished ones.

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What are the types of 1117 cold drawn steel bar annealing?

Annealing is a process of subjecting 1117 steel to higher temperatures. The objective of annealing is to get an improved product with better physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. The different types of 1117 Cold Drawn Steel Bar are:

  • Phase change recrystallization annealing.
  • It is a process in which 1117 steel is annealed above the critical temperature (Ac3 or Ac1).
  • It is also known as Full annealing, Isothermal annealing, Ball annealing, and Diffusion annealing
  • Low-temperature annealing.
  • It is the process in which the 1117 Steel Bar is subjected below the critical temperature (Ac1).
  • It is also known as Recrystallization annealing and Dehydrogenation annealing.
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What is peeled and reeled CS 1117 hot rolled bar?

Peeled Rolled Bar is the result of the peeling process. It is a machining method in which the hot-rolled EN 1117 Alloy Steel Round Bar is made into a bright round bar. The process results in precise tolerance levels. It also doesn’t affect the mechanical properties of the steel. The process of Reeling achieves a Reeled Bar. It includes straightening an 1117 Bar by subjecting it between two contoured steel rolls parallel to the principal axis of the rolls.