AISI 4130 flanges

AISI 4130 flanges

What are AISI 4130 flanges?

AISI 4130 is a low-alloy steel that nominally contains 0.3% carbon with 1% chromium, and 0.2% molybdenum in its chemical composition. The AISI 4130 Flange are ideal for oil patch applications. The Aisi 4130 Threaded Flange have low carbon content which enhances its weldability, but reduces its thickness strength. The AISI 4130 Slip On Flange alloy has hardenability limitations which should always be taken into account while using it in an equipment. The Chromoly 4130 Blind Flange material is very versatile and it shows good atmospheric corrosion resistance with a moderate strength. The Alloy Steel AISI 4130 Loose Flange is widely used in various structural applications for aircraft and building.

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Aisi 4130 Flanges chemical composition and mechanical properties

Aisi 4130 Flanges Specification

Aisi 4130 Flanges Standard Specification

Aisi 4130 Flanges Properties

Alloy 4130 blind flange and UNS G41300 slip on flanges suppliers in UAE

What kind of material is Aisi 4130?

The Aisi 4130 Blind Flange material is a low-alloy steel which has chromium and molybdenum in its chemical composition. It is one of the most versatile material due to enhanced mechanical properties like enhanced ductility, weldability, and machinability.

Aisi 4130 pipe flanges and chromoly 4130 forged flange with 100% radiography test report as per ASME b16.5

What is the SAE 4130 flange testing procedure?

Mill Test and hydrostatic tests can be done on SAE 4130 Flanges.

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How many parts included in a Aisi 4130 Pipe Flanges connection?

A AISI 4130 Pipe Flange typically consists of three parts: pipe flange, gaskets, and bolting.

AISI 4130 threaded flanges and chromoly 4130 weld neck flanges in cl 150-2500 pressure class. check UNS g41300 plate flanges weight and dimensions

How to check what the pressure class of the AISI 4130 steel flange is?

The pressure class of the AS 4130 Forging Pipe Flange will be imprinted on it.

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What manufacturing methods are used for Chromoly 4130 weld neck flange?

The Chromoly 4130 weld neck flanges are manufactured through the forging process.