Aisi 4130 pipe

AISI 4130 pipe

What is an AISI 4130 pipe?

AISI, or American Iron and Steel Institute, is one of the oldest trade associations in the US to maintain a numbering system for wrought stainless steel. It started in 1855 and turned over to SAE in 1995, offering numbers for identifying the alloy composition. The pipe and tube manufacturers can choose the 400 series alloys, either ferritic or austenitic.

AISI 4130 pipe finds applications in aerospace, oil and gas industries for its versatility and high strength. With 97 to 98% iron and strengthening elements like chromium and molybdenum and low carbon content, AISI 4130 alloy steel pipe is ideal for many more applications.

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Aisi 4130 Pipe Properties

What is the carbon equivalent of AISI 4130 seamless pipe?

AISI 4130 seamless pipe made of low carbon AISI 4130 alloy has a high carbon equivalent in AISI
4140. Compared to the carbon content of the UNS G 41300 seamless tube of 0.28 to 0.3, 4140 has a carbon content of 0.38 to 0.43. Hence for easy weldability, AISI 4130 pipe and tube are best in many applications.

4130 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe has excellent machinability, ductility, weldability and other properties. Because of its lightweight but intermediate to high strength, it is helpful in auto racing to aerospace. It is also the best pipe for many automotive applications and in making hydraulic and machine tools.

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Is AISI 4130 steel tube the same as Chromoly?

AISI 4130 steel tube is the same as Chromoly as it belongs to the 41xx steel alloy family. 4130 Chromoly tubing and AISI 4130 tube have chromium and molybdenum for additional strength. Such low steel alloy with chromium and molybdenum have their name, combining both as Chromoly.

The low carbon AISI 4130 tube is the same as the 4130 Chromoly steel pipes and tubes to have many excellent properties. Hence though their primary applications are in constructing commercial and military aircraft, there are also many other applications. It is from auto racing to agriculture and oil & gas industries.

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What is the difference between the 4130 and 4140 tubes?

4130 and 4140 are both low steel alloys with chromium and molybdenum elements to be stronger. Also, they are from the 41xx steel alloy family and have many similar properties and uses. But in the carbon content, 4140 has more carbon than 4130 to be stronger but less weldable.

WNR 1.7218 welded tube made of 4130 Chromoly also has many differences from the 4140 tube that include the following among others.

  • 4140 tensile and yield strength is higher than 4130
  • 4130 is more malleable than 4140
  • 4140 has a higher Brinell hardness of 302 than the 192 of 4130
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Is 4130 pipe lighter than mild steel?

Yes. 4130 pipe is lighter than mild steel. The strength-to-weight ratio of 4130 is also higher for high strength for many applications. But the negative side is 4130, or Chromoly is more brittle than mild carbon steel.

AISI 4130 steel pipe has a low carbon content of .28 to 0.3, making it easy to weld by TIG and MIG welding methods similar to mild steel. Also, to have a thicker wall for higher strength, mild steel becomes heavier than 4130. Hence pipes and tubes made of 4130 alloys find use in many applications from defense to agriculture.

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How hard can AISI 4130 alloy steel pipe be?

AISI 4130 welded pipes are rigid enough, with 217 in Brinell scale and 95 Rockwell B, to be useful in many critical sectors. It includes defense, aerospace, and others because of its high strength even with light weight. Also, with low carbon, it is easy to weld to be suitable for many applications.

AISI 4130 has an ultimate tensile strength of 540 MPa and yield tensile strength of 460 MPa. Hence, pipes and tubes made from it are strong enough to be useful in many crucial applications. It is because of its chromium and molybdenum content for adding strength to the low steel alloy.