AISI 4140 flanges

AISI 4140 Flanges

SAE g41400 blind flange and DIN 1.7225 slip on flanges suppliers in UAE

What are AISI 4140 Flanges?

The AISI 4140 material is basically a low alloy steel which contains chromium, molybdenum, and manganese in its chemical composition. The SAE 4140 Flange is widely known for its high toughness, fatigue strength, abrasion, and impact resistance. The G41400 Blind Flanges are known for their versatility and high performances. The UNS G41400 Threaded Flange comes with enhanced strength and hardenability, and it has high ductility too. The SAE 4140 Industrial Flange can withstand wear in quenched and tempered conditions. It can resist creep up to the temperature of 538 degrees C. The DIN 1.7225 Welding Neck Flange can maintain its properties even after getting exposed to comparatively high temperatures for a long time. The AISI 4140 WNRF Flange are widely used in aerospace and oil and gas industries.

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Aisi 4140 Flanges chemical composition and mechanical properties

Aisi 4140 Flanges Specification

Aisi 4140 Flanges Standard Specification

Aisi 4140 Flanges Properties

ASTM A182 UNS g41400 square flanges and werkstoff nr. 1.7225 welding neck flange for noncritical applications in GCC countries

What are applications of SAE 4140 industrial flange?

The SAE 4140 Industrial Flange are widely used in components such as axels, gears, shafts, bolts, etc. They are also found in oil and gas extraction for sour well and refineries.

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What are Aisi 4140 flange testing methods?

Material Test and additional tests like hydro test can be done on AISI 4140 Flange to ensure their quality, specification, dimension, and properties.

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Advantages of AISI 4140 Pipe Flanges

The advantages of AISI 4140 Pipe Flange would include:

  • Good resistance to atmospheric corrosion
  • Moderable strength up to 315 degrees C
  • Increased toughness, fatigue strength
  • Enhanced resistance to impact and abrasion
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what is the AISI 4140 flange temperature range?

The Alloy steel AISI 4140 Flange show good performance till 583 degrees C after which it is susceptible to creep.