Aisi 4140 tube

AISI 4140 tube

What is an AISI 4140 tube?

AISI has been the American steel industry’s voice for over 175 years. American Iron and Steel Institute started as a steel producers association in 1855, to have the present form in 1908. It maintains a numbering system for the steel alloys to identify the composition among the many of them. Now functioning as SAE or Society of Automotive Engineers, have given 400 series for ferritic and austenitic steel alloys.

AISI 4140 tubes made from the revised AISI 4130 alloy with more carbon content is more potent and valuable in many applications across several sectors. SAE 4140 seamless tube has many excellent properties like machinability, superior toughness, superb flexibility and others that many steel tubes do not match.

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Aisi 4140 Tube Specification

Aisi 4140 Tube Properties

AISI 1040 vs 4140 pipe

AISI 1040 and 4040 are both medium carbon iron alloys with 98% iron, and others to offer high strength. Hence. AISI 4140 pipe and tube and AISI 1040 have many similar properties to help construct heat-resistant parts at moderate temperatures. But there are also a few differences between the 4140 alloy steel pipe and the 1040 steel pipe. The following are the differences among others.

  • The chromium in 4140 makes it more corrosion-resistant than 1040, which does not have it
  • 1040 has a higher Brinell hardness of 201 than 4140, which has 197 MPa
  • 4140 has a high tensile strength of 655 than 1040, which has 620

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Is 4140 Chromoly tubing hardened steel?

Yes. 4140 Chromoly tubing is a hardened steel because of its chromium and molybdenum content to have high hardness and strength. Hence it is best for use in many applications in extreme environments. Also, with oil hardening, it is possible to increase the hardness levels of 4140 tubes.

Because of their hardness, 4140 alloy steel tubes are the best alternative to carbon steel for applications that need strength and fatigue resistance. Also, 4140 alloy has a high tensile and yield strength of 655 and 415 MPa, respectively. The Brinell and Rockwell hardness measurements are also high at 197 and 92, respectively, making them hardened steel.

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Is 4140 alloy steel seamless pipe harder than stainless steel?

Yes. AISI seamless 4140 pipe is more rigid than stainless steel. It is because of the molybdenum content in 4140, which is not present in stainless steel. But though chromium content in 4140 has good corrosion resistance, it is not like that of stainless steel.

Pipes and tubes made of 4140 alloys have uniform hardness and strength because of molybdenum. Also, with high tensile and yield strength, 4140 is more hardened than stainless steel to be useful in many applications across various sectors. It includes aircraft to automobiles that need high strength, less cost and many other excellent properties.

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Does 4140 alloy steel pipe rust?

Yes, but AISI 4140 steel pipe rust only under continuous exposure to specific conditions. Also, compared to pipes made of many other types of steel, UNS G41400 welded pipe rusts rarely. It is because of the high iron content of 98% that it can rust if corroded in different conditions. But with molybdenum and chromium, it resists corrosion to a great extent.

AISI has good rust protection because of being made from Chromoly, which has high corrosion resistance. Because of its high torsional, tension and yield strength, it is hard for external forces to damage its surface to avoid corrosion.

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What does AISI stand for?

AISI or American Iron and Steel Institute, started as the steel producers association in 1835 and became SAE, or Society of Automotive Engineers in 1996. It is a prestigious institute to maintain the numbering system for metals and alloys. It helps for easy identification of many steel alloys to make high-quality pipes, tubes, and others.

AISI 4140 tool steel pipe and other pipes and tubes are easily identifiable using the AISI numbering system. The first letter, 4, represents molybdenum, 1 represents chromium and 40 differentiates the steel from others. Hence AISI and its numbers confirm 4140 to be a low steel alloy with high molybdenum and chromium to have excellent properties.