AISI 5140 round bar

AISI 5140 Round Bar

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What is AISI 5140 round bar?

In AISI 5140, the properties of alloy steel containing nickel, chromium, and molybdenum are described. Steel grade 5140, a high carbon alloy, is also called AISI 5140 Round Bar. With quenching and tempering, this common steel grade’s toughness, plasticity, and wear resistance can be improved.

Annealed AISI 5140 has very distinct and practical mechanical properties. They have an elastic modulus ranging from 27557 to 30458 KSI and a high tensile strength of 82700 psi. AISI 5140 Steel Bars are frequently used in low and moderately-stressed areas of automobiles, engines, and other machinery where a hard, wear-resisting surface is necessary. Surface hardening results in a hardness of about 54 HRC.

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AISI 5140 round bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 5140 round bar specification

AISI 5140 round bar properties

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Is AISI 5140 alloy steel round bars good?

Compared to 1045 steel, AISI 5140 Alloy Steel Round Bars have higher tensile strength, yield strength, and hardenability. They also have higher fatigue strength, good toughness, excellent normalizing or tempering machinability and suitable annealing machinability, typically used after tempering treatment.

They are incredibly competent and dependable when it comes to providing a variety of practical purposes. It can be used for various purposes in the engineering and automotive industries. In addition to this, valve bodies, pumps, and fittings are built using AISI 5140 Alloy Structure Steel Bars.

5140 chromoly steel flat bars are thoroughly examined using mill test certificates, UT Reports, and NDT reports

Where to buy AISI 5140 steel bars?

When purchasing the same and in large quantities, comparison shopping is necessary. You can easily purchase high-quality forged steel bars on numerous iron dealing portals that comply with AISI 5140 at wholesale costs. Browse a selection of ASTM 5140 Steel Rods suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Widely used in low and moderately-stressed parts for vehicles, engines, and machinery under various automobile industries. The thickness range is approximately 10-200mm x 300-2000mm in width. Compared to other iron portals, the availability of the same is excellent and highly competitive.

SAE 5140 steel rod as specified by the AISI/ASTM standard including hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and cold-drawn conditions

How hard is 5140 40Cr alloy steel round bar?

High-quality, low carbon, low alloy chromium, molybdenum, and nickel case-hardening steels include 40Cr Steel Round Bar, which is quenched and tempered and of structural alloy steel. The HRC range for oil-quenched and tempered steel is 28 to 34.

The automotive and engineering industries use 5140 40Cr Alloy Steel Round Bars extensively for various applications, including tool holders and other similar components. Typical uses include valve bodies, pumps, fittings, shafts, wheels with high loads, bolts, double-headed bolts, gears, etc. the alloys made of 41CR4 Forged Bar that has been annealed are outlined below:

  • Tension: 76900 KSI
  • Strength of Yield: 55800 KSI
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What is peeled and reeled SCR440 steel round bar?

Peeled and reeled bars are cold-worked metal-removal products. These procedures have produced flawless surfaces on the bars. These have excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel can withstand high acidity levels and can be used in environments with chlorine or alkaline solutions. The German Institute for Standardization, also known as the “DeutschesInstitut für Normung,” developed the DIN 1.7035 Bars steel specifications.

SCR440 Steel Round Bar can be hardened to a reasonable degree. This kind of steel can be quenched, tempered, and used for high-frequency quenching and cyanidation. Cutting results in improved performance. At 174-229 HB hardness, the relative machinability is 60 per cent moulds can be made from steel.