AISI 8630 steel bar

AISI 8630 Steel Bar

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What is AISI 8630 steel bar?

ASTM 8630 Alloy Steel Round Bars has nickel, chromium, and molybdenum as alloying components. Round bars made of AISI 8630 Steel Bar have good hardenability, strength, and toughness characteristics. The normalized, quenched, and tempered state of 8630 steel results in a hardness range of 197 to 235 HB.

In order to increase the strength and hardenability, the chemical composition of alloy steel Alloy Steel 8630 Mod Rod was altered. This alloy is utilized for gears, ring gears, shafts, and crankshafts when it has undergone carburization. For connections, hangers, and block valves, alloy steel AISI 8630 Steel Rods are frequently used in oil patch applications.

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8630 steel bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 8630 steel bar specification

AISI 8630 steel bar dimensions

AISI 8630 steel bar properties

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What is 8630 steel used for?

Low alloy steel AISI 8360 has a nominal composition of 0.3% C, 0.5% Cr, 0.2% Mo, and 0.5% Ni. The alloy is frequently used for connectors, hangers, and block valves in oil patch applications. Appropriate heat treatment can increase strength levels, although these processes are not NACE MR0175 certified. When developing and choosing SAE 8630 Round Bars equipment, it is always important to consider the hardenability constraints of this grade (the depth to which it will harden or acquire the desired mechanical qualities after heat treatment).

AISI 8630 mod steel bars is supplied with a material test certificate as per ASTM 8630 standards.

What type of steel is AISI 8630 steel rod?

Low-alloy steel 8630 contains the alloying elements nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. 8630 Mod Alloy Steel Bar has good qualities for strength and hardness as well as good hardenability. The alloy may be moved to a furnace maintained at a temperature close to the forging finishing temperature, soaked in water, and then allowed to cool naturally. AISI8630 Round Bar is forged at a start temperature of about 2200°F (1205°C) and might be forged down to roughly 1700°F(925°C).

SAE 8630h alloy steel flat bar range from 5 mm to 500 mm and are provided in hot rolled and cold rolled

How strong is 8630 flat bar?

Depending on the size and complexity of the section, the alloy will be oil or water quenched after being austenitized at a temperature of about 1525–1600°F (830–870°C). Diameter can vary from 80mm to 800mm and length varies from 1000 to 6000mm long.

  • Tempering: Using temperatures based on prior experience, to the required hardness, after a water or oil quench.
  • Machinability: After receiving the proper heat treatment, this grade of alloy can be easily machined.

8630 Flat Bar can be welded using standard fusion techniques, but only before hardening and tempering. Depending on the complexity of the part, preheating and post-heating may be required. This seamless ferritic alloy steel pipe is intended to withstand extreme temperatures.

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Why SAE 8630 round bars is better?

These AISI 1.6545 Hex Bars guarantee to provide items of the highest quality and industry standards in terms of toughness. These AISI 8630 round bars made of carbon steel are frequently used as connections, block valves, and hangers in oil patch equipment. They are known as low alloy steel. Chromoly 8630 Square Bars are frequently used in gears, shafts, and forged connections. This seamless ferritic alloy steel pipe is intended to withstand extreme temperatures.