AISI L6 round bar

AISI L6 Round Bar

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What is AISI L6 round bar?

L6 Tool is a flexible, oil-hardening tool steel with excellent toughness. Tools die, and machine parts that require a good balance of hardness and toughness can be made from AISI L6 Round Bar. Knives and swords have traditionally been crafted from the same material. It is highly valued, particularly for its hardness, which enables knives from L6 to maintain their edge.

The fine-grained structure of this alloy is renowned for its resistance to shock. Compared to other oil-hardened steels, AISI L6 Steel Bar is tough with good non-deforming properties and high strength. As a result of this alloy steel’s high nickel content.

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L-6 Tool Steel Bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI l6 round bar specification

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What is AISI L6 steel bar tolerance?

The alloying factors in these equipment steels are chromium and molybdenum. It incorporates 0.70% carbon with a quenched hardness of about sixty-four HRC. AISI L6 Tool Steel Rod has actual resistance to thermal shock and warmth cracking, good mechanical traits and longevity in warm and bloodless conditions, and good resistance to tempering.

It can nearly preserve similar mechanical homes at room temperature and 500-600 temperature diploma. It is typically provided in hardened, quenched & tempered conditions and in the annealed circumstance in exclusive cases. AISI L6 Tool Steel Bar can keep hardness above 60 HRC for sections of seventy-five mm (3 in.) thickness.

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What is AISI L6 tool steel bar tensile strength?

Steels of the L-type are used for special-purpose tools. The same has a tensile strength of approximately 655 (Mpa), which is very strong. AISI L6 Low-Alloy Tool Steel Bar is suitable for making tools, dies, and machine parts that must be tough in equal measure.

The general category includes an all-alloy, oil-hardening tool steel with good toughness called AISI L6 Bars. When some wear resistance can be given up for more excellent toughness, this outcome leads to its use. It has a slightly higher shock resistance than more highly alloyed types due to its lower carbon content and relatively high nickel content.

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What is 1.2714 rounds hardness?

Due to their high wear resistance, extra toughness, and hardness, all achieved by using high-grade Cr-Ni-Mo-V alloys, 1.2714 Rounds are especially recommended for close die forgings. Typically used in a pre-hardened condition is the equivalent grade L6/SKT4 Rod. From 380 to 420 BHN is the typical hardness range.

The unique, pre-hardened hot work steel has tough wear resistance. L6 Steel is typically provided in hard, quenched, and tempered conditions and in annealed conditions in exceptional cases. Tensile strength ranges from 1200 to 1400 Mpa for materials with a hardness of 380 to 420 HB.

T61206 low-alloy tool steel bar with high chromium contains, high wear and abrasion resistant qualities.

What is AISI L6 bars used for?

L6 Steel Bar is a great option for uses that call for a good balance of toughness and hardness, such as tools, dies, and machine components. You used to pick T61206 Low-Alloy Tool Steel Bar while creating swords, blades, knives, and other versatile things. One probable example is the katana.

It has a long history of being viewed as a part of a model Katana blade. Even yet, only a small number of top-tier master smiths have used it. This is as a result of the difficulties in performing the precise heat treatment operations needed for manufacture.