Alloy 330 bolts

Alloy 330 bolts

What is alloy 330 bolts?

The alloy 330 bolt is an austenitic grade of steel specifications. Alloy 330 Bolts is a threaded fastener having external male threads that match to pre-formed female threads. These bolts have good strength and enhanced corrosion resistance properties. The 330 Stainless Steel Bolts allow for easy installation and disassembly without damaging the equipment. These bolts work in high temperatures for long periods. The RA 330 Nuts are used to affix the ends of the system. These nuts are available in a range of sizes to suit project needs. Like the nuts, the Alloy 330 Washers are also used to create tension within and evenly distribute the load in the system. The versatile UNS N08330 Threaded Rod can be customized as per requirements.

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Alloy 330 Bolts Specifications

Alloy 330 Bolts Properties

Alloy 330 Bolts Weight Chart

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What stops alloy 330 fasteners from corroding?

Alloy 330 fasteners are designed with a superior chemical content of nickel, chromium, and other alloys. This allows the Alloy 330 Fasteners to have good corrosion resistance. Further, any coat or paint on the fasteners will allow them to resist corrosion when exposed to harsh media.

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What are alloy 330 stud bolts used for?

An alloy 330 stud bolt is a screwed device that is fixed with a nut. The Alloy 330 Stud Bolts are common in power generation, thermal processing, chemical equipment, and other tools.

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Benefits of alloy 330 socket cap screws

An alloy 330 socket cap screw is a tool of choice when bolts and nuts can’t be used. The Alloy 330 Socket Cap Screws have six stress-bearing sides, allowing for higher torque and clamping force. These screws showcase excellent strength and tolerances.

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What is the tensile strength of 330 stainless steel bolts?

The SS 330 steel bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 552mpa. This DIN 1.4864 Heavy Hex Bolt has an ultimate tensile strength of 586mpa.

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How much weight can alloy 330 hex bolts take?

The weight a hex bolt takes depends on the threads size, lengths, and equipment of the bolt. Alloy 330 Hex Bolts with a shank diameter of 1/4 inches have a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Bolts with 2 inches in diameter have a weight capacity of 35,000 lbs.