Alloy steel forged fittings

Alloy steel forged fittings

What is Alloy steel forged fittings?

Alloy Steel can be described as a type of steel which is alloyed with more than one element. The material added helps to enhance its strength and other properties. Some of the common alloying elements would include manganese, chromium, nickel, vanadium, etc. The Alloy Steel Forged Fittings are known for its strength, wear resistance, and toughness. It also shows great resistance to corrosion and machinability. The ANSI B16.11 Alloy Steel is also known for providing superior strength and hardenability. The material is also known for its improved formability.

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Alloy steel forged fittings specification

Alloy steel forged fittings material

Types of alloy steel forged elbow

Alloy Steel 45 degree threaded elbow

45 degree threaded elbow

AS 90 degree threaded elbow

90 degree threaded elbow

Low alloy steel 45 degree socket weld elbow

45 degree socket weld elbow

ASME SA182 AS 90 degree socket weld elbow

90 degree socket weld elbow

Chrome moly Street elbow

Street elbow

Alloy Steel NPT elbow

NPT elbow

Types of Alloy steel forged adapter

Low alloy steel Expansion adapters

Expansion adapters

ASTM A182 CrMo Mechanical joint adapters

Mechanical joint adapters

Types of Alloy steel forged coupling

Chrome moly Half coupling

Half coupling

ASME SA182 AS Full coupling

Full coupling

Chrome moly Reducing coupling

Reducing coupling

Alloy Steel Threaded half coupling

Threaded half coupling

AS Threaded full coupling

Threaded full coupling

Types of Alloy steel pipe nipple

Chrome moly Eccentric Swage Nipple

Eccentric Swage Nipple

Alloy Steel Concentric Swage Nipple

Concentric Swage Nipple

AS Swage nipple

Swage nipple

ASTM A182 CrMo Barrel nipples

Barrel nipples

ASME SA182 AS Hexagon nipple

Hexagon nipple

Types of Alloy steel union

Low alloy steel Socket weld union

Socket weld union

Alloy Steel Threaded union

Threaded union

AS Threaded Union Female Male

Threaded Union Female Male

Chrome moly Threaded Union Female-Female

Threaded Union Female-Female

Types of Alloy steel bushing

AS Hex bushing

Hex bushing

Low alloy steel Hex reducing bushing

Hex reducing bushing

Types of Alloy steel forged tee

ASTM A182 CrMo Threaded tee

Threaded tee

ASME SA182 AS Socket weld tee

Socket weld tee

Chrome moly Diverter tee

Diverter tee

Alloy Steel Lateral tee

Lateral tee

AS NPT tee

NPT tee

Types of Alloy steel forged cross

Low alloy steel Threaded cross

Threaded cross

ASTM A182 CrMo Socket weld cross

Socket weld cross

Types of Alloy steel forged cap

ASME SA182 AS Threaded cap

Threaded cap

Chrome moly Socket weld cap

Socket weld cap

Types of Alloy steel plug

Chrome moly Hex bull plug

Hex bull plug

Alloy Steel Bull plug

Bull plug

AS Square head plug

Square head plug

ASME SA182 AS Hex plug

Hex plug

Types of Alloy steel forged reducer

ASTM A182 CrMo Threaded reducer

Threaded reducer

Low alloy steel Socket weld concentric reducer

Socket weld concentric reducer

ASTM A182 CrMo Female threaded reducer

Female threaded reducer

ASTM A182 CrMo Male threaded reducer

Male threaded reducer

Other Types of Alloy steel forged fittings

ASME SA182 AS Boss


Alloy Steel Reducer Insert

Reducer Insert

AS NPT threaded fittings

NPT threaded fittings

Low alloy steel BSP threaded fittings

BSP threaded fittings

Alloy steel forged fittings dimensions

ASTM A182 CrMo threaded fittings suppliers in UAE

Which test reports should be asked while purchasing ASTM A182 CrMo threaded fittings?

Some test reports which should be asked while purchasing Alloy Steel Threaded Fittings are Hydrostatic Test Report and Material Test Report.

Refer to dimensions, weight chart, and pressure rating of ASME B16.11 AS forged elbow/ tee

Manufacturing process of ASME B16.11 AS forged elbow?

Hot Forming is one of the most common manufacturing methods for manufacturing the ASME B16.11 AS forged elbow. Herein, the raw material is heated and then, it is pushed over a die called “mandrel”. This helps the pipe to expand and bend simultaneously. By this process, ASTM A182 CrMo elbows of different sizes can be manufactured.

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How to repair and maintenance ASME SA182 AS forged fittings for long life?

The ASME SA182 AS forged fittings should be checked for wear and tear, leakage, and damage. If any of these happen, they should be repaired immediately. Regular maintenance will keep the issues in check and keep the AS forged fittings from getting hugely damaged; it will help the fittings to give a life long service.

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What are the advantages of chrome moly threaded union?

The advantages of chrome moly threaded union are:

  • High tensile strength
  • Good resistance to corrosion
  • Great resistance to high temperature conditions
ANSI B16.11 chrome moly threaded half/ full coupling is available in threads like BSP, NPT, and BSPT. Purchase AS forged cross from manufacturers listed below in GCC countries.

What is the difference between NPT and BSPT threads in ASME SA182 AS SW cap?

The difference between NPT and BSPT threads in ASME SA182 AS SW cap is that, the NPT thread comes with a 60 degree angle and flattened peaks and valleys. The BSPT thread has 55 degree angle and it comes with rounded peaks and valleys.

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