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Alloy Steel Pipe

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Verified Suppliers

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Alloy Steel Pipe Specification

Alloy steel pipe specification

Specifications ASME SA 335/ ASTM A335
List of Grades ASTM A691, ASTM A335 Grade P9, P21, P12, P5, P91, P22, P11, ASTM A213 grade T11, T12, T22, T5, T9, T91
Tubing Size 1 / 2” OD – 5” OD, or as per need
Size 1/8″NB – 30″NB IN
Outer Diameter 6mm to 2500mm; WT:1mm to 200mm
Length Within 13500 millimeter
Dimensions ASME, ASTM and API
End Treaded, Plain End and Beveled End
Schedule SCH30, SCH40, SCH120, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH80, SCH60, SCH140, XXS, SCH20 and SCH160 low alloy pipes
Length Double Random, Single Random & Cut to size
Form Hydraulic and Round
Type Fabricated and Seamless

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What are the advantages of ASTM A335 alloy steel seamless pipe?

An alloy steel pipe made according to ASTM A335 grade is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures. They exhibit excellent strength and resistance to creep which is the tendency to deform under prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

ASTM A335 alloy steel seamless pipe is typically made with chromium and molybdenum, which impart good corrosion resistance. This alloying composition boosts the pipe’s ability to sturdily withstand corrosive environments with high levels of oxidation and sulfidation.

These alloy steel pipes are available in various grades, such as P5, P9, P11, P22, P91, etc., each offering different properties to suit specific applications. This wide range of options allows for flexibility in selecting the appropriate pipe grade based on different factors.


Price of Alloy Steel Pipe

Size in Inch Grade Price in USD/Ton
1/2 P11 US $1,790.00
3/4 P11 US $1,720.00
1 P11 US $1,650.00
1.25 P11 US $1,610.00
1.5 P11 US $1,560.00
1/2 P22 US $2,075.00
3/4 P22 US $2,000.00
1 P22 US $1,940.00
1.25 P22 US $1,900.00

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  1. Above Price USD/Ton
  2. PE ends : Below 2″ diameter pipes
  3. BE ends: up to 2″ diameter pipes


Most Selling Types of Alloy Pipe

Alloy Steel Welded Pipe

Alloy Steel Welded Pipe

Seamless Alloy Steel Pipe

Seamless Alloy Steel Pipe

Alloy Steel Pipe

Alloy Steel Pipe

Alloy Steel ERW Pipe

Alloy Steel ERW Pipe

Alloy Steel EFW Pipe

Alloy Steel EFW Pipes

Alloy Steel Boiler Pipe

Alloy Steel Boiler Pipes


Alloy Steel ERW Pipe in Sch-80, Sch-40, Sch-5, Sch-10, Sch-60, and STD accordance to ASME B36.10


Alloy steel pipe equivalent grades

ASTM A335/ SA 335 Grade UNS Equivalent European Standards
P1 K11522 EN 10216-2 16Mo3
P2 K11547 EN 10216-2 13CrMo4-5
P5 K41545 EN 10216-2 13CrMo4-5
P5b K51545 EN 10216-2 13CrMo4-5
P5c K41245 EN 10216-2 13CrMo4-5
P9 S50400 EN 10216-2 10CrMo9-10
P11 K11597 EN 10216-2 13CrMo4-5
P12 K11562 EN 10216-2 13CrMo4-5
P15 K11578
P21 K31545
P22 K21590 EN 10216-2 10CrMo9-10
P23 K40705
P24 K30736
P36/ P36 class 1 K21001
P91 K91560 EN 10216-2 X10CrMoVNb9-1
P92 K92460 EN 10216-2 X10CrWMoVNb9-2
P122 K92460
P911 K90901

Chemical composition of ASTM A335 alloy steel seamless pipe

Chemical composition of ASTM A335 alloy steel seamless pipe

ASTM A335 Mechanical Properties

ASTM A335 Mechanical Properties

ASTM A335 alloy steel pipe hardness chart

Alloy steel grades Hardness (Brinell Hardness, HB)
P1 143-207
P2 143-207
P5 187-255
P5b 187-255
P5c 187-255
P9 179-217
P11 163-207
P12 163-207
P22 163-207
P36/ P36 class 1
P91 190-250
P92 190-250

Size tolerances of Alloy steel pipe

Dimension Tolerances

  • OD for 6mm to 40mm alloy steel pipe, vary +/-0.40mm.
  • For AS pipes OD 40 to 100mm, +/-0.79mm.
  • OD 100 to 200mm alloy steel seamless pipes, +1.59/-0.79mm.
  • AS pipes OD 200 to 300, +2.38/-0.79mm.
  • Over 300mm 12 inch low alloy pipes, +/-1% from specified OD in the PO.

Thickness Tolerance of ASTM A335 Pipes

Wall Thickness Tolerance

  • DN6 to 65 chrome moly pipes, +20%/-12.5%
  • Above thickness DN65 t/D ≤5%A, +22.5%/-12.5%
  • Above DN65 wall thickness t/D >5%A, +22.5%/-12.5%

Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe Wall Thickness

  • Maximum wall thickness: 3 MM – 50 MM
  • Method- rotary piercing and rolling


Schedule Chart of Alloy Steel Boiler Pipe

Schedule chart of alloy steel boiler pipe

What is the temperature limit of seamless alloy steel pipe?

The temperature limit of a seamless alloy steel pipe can vary based on the specific grade and composition of the alloy. Different alloy steels have varying temperature limit values depending on their individual mechanical elements and resistance to high temperatures. Usually, ASTM A335 alloy steel boiler pipe can typically withstand temperatures ranging from around 550°C (1,022°F) to 1100°C (2,012°F).

Types of protective coating on alloy steel pipe

Types of protective coating on alloy steel pipe

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Alloy Steel ERW Pipe Diameter Tolerances

Alloy steel erw pipe diameter tolerances

Value added Services of Low Alloy Steel Pipe

Value added Services of Low Alloy Steel Pipe

  • Premium connection threading
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Machining and bevelling
  • Marking
  • Grooving
  • Welding
  • Polishing


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Chrome Alloy Steel Pipes Grades

Complete list of chrome moly pipe grades

Manufacturing Type AS Pipe American Standard List of alloy steel pipe grades
Alloy steel seamless pipe grades ASTM A335
SA 335
  • P1
  • P2
  • P5
  • P5b
  • P5c
  • P9
  • P11
  • P12
  • P15
  • P21
  • P22
  • P23
  • P24
  • P36
  • P36 Class 1
  • P91
  • P92
  • P122
  • P911
Alloy steel welded pipe grades
(Welded/ ERW/ EFW/ HWF)
SA 691
  • 1-1/4CR
  • 2-1/4CR
  • 5CR
  • 9CR
  • 91
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Heat Treatment of IBR Alloy Steel Pipe

Heat treatment of ibr alloy steel pipe

Find below largest Manufacturers’ Pipe Stock

Mill Country
Chomutov Czech
Michigan Seamless USA
Jiangu Chengde Steel Tube Co Ltd. Ltd China
Vallourec Tubes France, Germany,& Brazil
Eschweiller(Bentler) Germany
Sumitomo Metal Japan
Tenaris Mexico, Italy, & Argentina
Productos Tubulares Spain
JFE Japan
Wyman Gordon USA
Tubos Reunidos Spain
Rockwell Collins USA


Chromoly Steel Alloy Pipe Weight Chart

Chromoly steel alloy pipe weight chart

What is the maximum size of AS seamless pipe?

The standard sizes available for ASTM A335 pipes typically range from 1/8″ to 24″, with wall thicknesses ranging from Schedule 20 to XXS. Larger sizes or custom sizes of alloy steel welded pipe may be manufactured upon request.

Which manufacturing method produces the strongest alloy steel pipe?

The seamless technique is the one with the help of which you can produce the strongest alloy steel erw pipe. Unlike other machining processes, seamless manufacturing offers several advantages that contribute to the strength of the steel pipe. Seamless pipes have a consistent microstructure without the presence of welds, which eliminates potential weak points in the material.

Seamless pipes do not have potential defects such as porosity, inclusions, and weld discontinuities making them stronger and less prone to failure. These pipes have uniform material properties throughout the pipe length which provides them consistent strength unlike other pipes.

What are the internal defects of low alloy seamless pipe?

Low-alloy seamless pipes can occasionally exhibit internal defects that may affect their integrity and performance. Inclusions are foreign materials that are trapped within the steel matrix of the alloy steel efw pipe during the manufacturing process. These inclusions can lead to weak spots in the steel material and considerably reduce its overall strength.

Voids are small air or gas pockets within the pipe material that can occur due to improper solidification during manufacturing. Voids can weaken the pipe structure and make it more susceptible to failure under stress or pressure.

What is the difference between alloy steel seam and seamless pipes?

Alloy steel seam pipes are manufactured by joining or welding steel plates or coils together to form a pipe. On the other hand, alloy steel seamless pipes are produced by piercing a solid billet or ingot to create a hollow tube.

Seamless pipes generally have a more uniform microstructure than alloy steel seam pipes which can eliminate potential weak points. This can make seamless pipes slightly stronger and less prone to failure compared to alloy steel seam pipes.

What is alloy steel pipe?

Alloy steel pipe comes in low alloy and chrome moly with different alloying elements. Low alloy seamless pipes are suitable up to 500°C and Chrome moly steel pipes can sustain up to 600°C.

What is alloy steel seamless pipe beveling, grooving, and threading?

Pipes of alloy steel seamless grade are shaped at the ends that allow them to connect to different materials. Alloy steel seamless pipe is bevelled by cutting the metal usually at an angle of the edge. This allows the pipe to be prepared for the welding process.

Grooving is an operation wherein the metal is turned to create grooves in the workpiece. Seamless alloy steel pipe threading is done with a mechanical tool that creates threads at the ends of pipes. This helps it to connect with different equipment.

How many types of alloy steel welded pipe coating are there?

There are predominantly 3 types of coating for an alloy steel welded pipe. They are the fusion bonded epoxy coating, Three Layer Poly Ethylene or Propylene coating, and Coal Tar Enamel Coating. The alloy steel ERW pipe is protected against corrosive media due to these protective coverings.

What is CRA clad pipe?

CRA is a corrosion resistant alloy grade. A CRA cladded pipe has conventional carbon or low alloy steel. The cladding material of the pipe is metallurgically bonded on their internal and external surface. The cladding material is economically favourable for producing an alloy steel boiler pipe and other pipes that have to work under stress.

Alloy Steel Seamless vs Welded Pipe

  • Alloy steel seamless pipe is designed via an extrusion process as metal is passed through hot billets. A Welded pipe is produced as metal is cold rolled and subsequently welded either with or without filler material.
  • Seamless pipes have higher strength and performance compared to welded pipes.
  • Welded pipes of alloy steel are cheaper to produce and process than seamless alloy pipes.

What type of alloy pipe welding is used on pipelines?

Pipelines of alloy steel can be welded using a variety of welding procedures. Some common methods include shielded arc welding, gas metal arc welding in both MIG and MAG welded methods. Flux cored arc welding, submerged arc welding, and tungsten inert gas can also be used to weld an alloy pipe.

Cracking reasons for underground alloy steel welded pipes

Underground alloy steel welded pipes are caused due to low ductility fracture in the area of the weld. alloy steel EFW pipe in this area also has multiple intergranular secondary cracks. The failure is propagated due to cracking initiated by the weld affected zone on the outer surface.

Advantages of seamless alloy steel pipe

Alloy steel seamless pipe is manufactured with the best technology and has good strength. The alloy steel pipes have good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, better solderability, and electrical conductivity. Alloy steel pipe suppliers supply pipes that have increased hardenability and are light but very durable.

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