Aluminium 3003 round bar

Aluminium 3003 Round Bar

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What is aluminium 3003 round bar?

The Aluminium Alloy 3003 belongs to the family line of the aluminium-manganese. The Aluminium 3003 Round Bar alloy typically contains copper and manganese, making it more robust and powerful than the 1000 series alloy. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and even protects from barometrical erosion.

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3003 aluminum bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

Aluminium 3003 round bar specification

Aluminium 3003 round bar dimensions

Aluminium 3003 round bar properties

Aluminium 3003 round bar size chart

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What is 3003 aluminum bar used for?

The Aluminum 3003 bar has a wide variety of applications. However, some of the general uses of 3003 aluminium Bars include manufacturing cooking utensils, food containers, chemical equipment, pressure vessels, general sheet metal fabrication, hardware, tanks, and cabinets. Aluminium 3003 Round Bar is applied in many different applications such as Paper & Pulp Companies, High-Pressure Applications, Chemical Refinery, Oil and Gas Industries, Pipeline, High-Temperature Applications, Water Pipe Line, Nuclear Power Plants, Boiler & Heat Exchangers, and Food Processing industry also.

3003 h14 aluminum flat bar are used in a large quantity for industrial and commercial applications

What is purpose of annealing Al 3003 rounds?

Annealing is a process that involves subjecting the aluminum alloy to high temperatures. The primary purpose of annealing is to make the alloy more ductile and harder. The alterations in the properties of the alloy done through annealing can be useful for various applications in different industries. The formability of the aluminum alloy is enhanced through the process of annealing. The process can prevent the risk of breakage of the alloy, especially hard and brittle ones. The improved machinability of the Aluminium Alloy 3003 H12 Round Rods can be achieved through annealing. By reducing the hardness of the aluminum alloy, the tool wear on the material is decreased making it very comfortable to use in various applications.

3003h14 aluminum square bar and aluminium alloy 3003 h14 rod annealed at 1750° or 1950°f

What is the shear strength of UNS A93003 material?

To understand the shear strength of UNS A 93003, we need to know the following mechanical properties of the alloy:

Properties Metric
Yield strength 125 MPa
Shear strength 83 MPa
Fatigue strength 55 MPa
Elastic modulus 70-80 GPa

The tensile yield strength of 3003 aluminium alloy is 186 MPa (27,000 psi), and the maximum strength is 200MPa (29,000 psi), which gives the features of Aluminum 3003 H19 Round Bars a moderately strong material.

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Difference between cold drawn, bright drawn, polished ASTM B316 aluminum 3003 bars

The Cold-drawn Aluminum 3003 is a procedure that takes place at optimal temperature. The properties of the alloy are enhanced after it is cold drawn. The cold-drawn Aluminium A93003 Round Bar alloy has improved corrosion resistance and is applicable in high safety zones.

The bright-drawn aluminum 3003 is typically available in sheet forms. The bright drawn alloy has a pattern that resembles raised diamond. It also has a finish that shines brighter. Hence, the bright drawn form of aluminum 3003 is applicable to use in non-skid areas, like toolboxes, ambulances, trailers, and trucks.

The Polished Aluminum 3003 round bars have the widest range of applications and are a common usage form of the alloy.