Aluminium bronze valves

Aluminium bronze valves

What are aluminium bronze valves?

A variety of valves are available in the market today however very few are suitable for saline water operations. The aluminium bronze valve is one of those few valves that can operate efficiently in saline and corrosive environment.

These valves are made up of the highest strength of copper and are used in application that requires higher mechanical properties. They are mainly valued due to their ability to resist corrosion, strength and toughness. Asme sb148 uns c95800 valves are used in applications that are prone to pitting and stress corrosion or corrosion fatigue.

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Aluminium Bronze Valves Specification

Aluminium Bronze Valves Properties

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Do aluminum bronze gate valves allow flow in both directions?

Yes, it provides a bi-directional flow of fluid with little pressure drop and resistance to flow. It offers good castability and is easily weldable. Aluminium bronze gate valves are used in systems where a change in direction of flow may be required.

Aluminum bronze gate valves are highly suitable for corrosive, saline environments. The common specification is ASTM B148 C95800 although the AB2 specification is also used.

What is the most common application of an aluminium bronze butterfly valve?

These valves provide easy isolation of fluid flow however this needs to be done with care as this can affect the performance of the system negatively. An aluminium bronze butterfly valve is also preferred in compact spaces due to its design and are also used in food processing industries.

Aluminium bronze butterfly valves are a suitable and far cheaper substitute to duplex, super duplex, and Monel for many seawater applications, especially in low-pressure applications

How do you install ASTM b148 c95800 ball valve?

It is very easy to install these valves the nut and olive need to be unscrewed and inserted into the pipe. The olive and nut can then be screwed back into the fitting and can be tightened by hand. Uns c95800 ball valve is used for a variety of domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. Astm b148 c95800 ball valve is used in emergency applications as it is easy and operates quickly.

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What is the function of the ASTM b148 c95800 gate valves?

These valves are useful in immediate shutoff and throttling services for oil and gas, offshore drilling, petrochemicals, and so on. Astm b148 c95800 gate valves completely shut off the flow when closed and provide a full flow of fluid when opened.

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How long do aluminium bronze plug valves last?

If properly maintained these valves can be lost for a long time. In marine environments, these valves have a long life as the cooper content protects them from marine organisms. Nickel aluminium bronze valves tend to have a golden colour and are used in naval architecture and ship components.

Ni al bronze butterfly valve is used in specialized anti corrosive applications and certain structural retrofit buildings. Aluminium bronze plug valves are welded if required using pure argon gas core and aluminium brass core.