Aluminium Elbow

Aluminium Elbow

What is aluminium elbow?

An aluminum elbow is made up of aluminum or different types of aluminum alloys. The Aluminium Elbow is used in applications where lightweight material is needed. Aluminum also has some high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The Al Elbow is used in aerospace, aircraft, and other high-vibration and high-temperature systems where lightweight material is needed. The Aluminum Elbow comes in different types according to shape, angle, and dimensions.

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The manufacturing process of aluminium 90 degree elbow

Aluminium Elbow Supplier In Uae produces the aluminum elbows through a heated push. The necessary material pipe is cut into the desired length. The cut piece is then placed over a die known as a mandrel. And then an induction coil is used to heat the pipe, and the pipe is pushed with a hydraulic ram to make the elbow. The 90° elbows are the most common. There are also the Cast Aluminium Elbow types which are cast directly from the material instead of pushing a cut piece.

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What is aluminium weld elbow commercial benefits?

Aluminum Seamless Elbow is made seamless and is used in applications where the surface has to be dimensionally accurate. The weld elbows on the other hand can be used to avoid leakage through the threads. The weld preparation is not necessary if it is a socket weld elbow in smaller-sized pipes. The weld metal is avoided from penetrating the bore of the main pipe.

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Thickness requirement of aluminum pipe elbows

There are different thicknesses of pipe fittings such as the 25mm Aluminium Elbow which have a thickness of 25mm. The NPS schedule 40 pipes have a wall thickness of 0.437 inches. The elbows are mostly known by their outer diameter such as the 1 Inch Aluminium Elbow which has an outer diameter of 1 inch. Other than the outer diameter and the thickness, the elbows are also determined by their radius. The long radius elbows have a length of 2 x outer diameter. The Aluminum Short Radius Elbow has a length of 1.5 x outer diameter.

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How to replace aluminium weldable elbow?

The weldable elbows can be replaced with threaded elbows if the pipe end has threads during the installation for easy installation and removal if removal is often needed. After installing an elbow through welding, the only way to replace it is by cutting off the pipe at the ends of the elbows and then replacing them with new elbows. The Aluminium Buttweld Elbows can be used for piping where the socket weld is not available and the outer diameter of the pipes is larger.

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When to use 45 degree aluminum elbow?

The aluminum elbows come in different angles. If the flow is low and the direction has to be altered towards the opposite direction, the 45 Degree Aluminum Elbow can be used. It turns the pipeline by 45° angle. It can be associated with other fittings and piping components. The Aluminum Short Radius Elbow and long radius elbow can be in all angles as well.