Aluminium lugs

Aluminium lugs

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Aluminium Lugs Specifications

Size Finish Surface Of Aluminum Terminal Lugs
10 MM To 200 MM
  • Polished
  • Plain
  • Coated
Electo Tinned Plated
Cable Size Number Of Hole Stud Hole Diameter
1.5 SQ mm to 50 SQ mm 1 or 2 1mm to 20 mm
Working Temperature Application Equipment
-40 Deg C-105 Deg C
  • Wire Connecting
  • Two wheeler battery
  • UPS battery
  • Electrial
  • Stamping machine
  • CNC machine
  • Punching machine
  • Lathe machine
Thickness Types Of Aluminium Lugs List of projects where below listed Aluminum Electrical Lugs manufacturers has supplied
  • Aluminium cable lugs
  • Aluminum electrical lugs
  • Aluminium compression lugs
  • Al crimping lugs
  • Aluminium pin type lugs
  • Aluminum terminal lugs
  • Al wire lugs
  • Lekoil Limited – Nigeria
  • SOCAR – Azerbaijan
  • Nayara Energy – India
  • Paraguana Refinery Complex – Venezuela
  • Ulsan Refinery – South Korea

Aluminium cable lugs and compression lugs are manufactured from the solid aluminium rod using high conductivity

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Importers listed below can supply aluminium terminal lugs and lugs ring type in all sizes
Aluminium pin type lugs and wire lugs are connecting the device with the barrel accommodating the respective conductor