Aluminized bolts

Aluminized Bolts

What are aluminized bolts?

Aluminized bolts are mechanical fasteners that are plated with aluminum or aluminum-silicon alloy. The Aluminized Bolts are used to securely seal two pieces of equipment efficiently. These bolts have resistance to corrosive media and harsh environments. Aluminised Steel Socket Head Cap Screw is similar to bolts and has good working in higher pressure and temperature conditions. The Aluminized Hex Nut is used to affix bolts, studs, or screws. These nuts create a strong clamping force and reduce axial movement. These Aluminized Washers allow for even pressure and weight distribution and protect the equipment.

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Aluminized Bolts specifications

Aluminized Bolts Specifications

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What types of applications are aluminized steel fasteners most ideal for?

The aluminized fasteners are high strength fasteners having good strength and tolerances. Aluminized Steel Fasteners are common in the gearbox, engine housing, cylinder head covers, lightweight applications, etc.

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Is aluminised steel heavy hex bolt corrosion resistant?

An aluminized heavy hex bolt is highly resistant to corrosion due to thin layers of aluminum and silicon. This allows the Aluminised Steel Heavy Hex Bolt to be resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The bolts have good tolerance when exposed to salts that affect other materials. However, the Aluminized Coated Hex Head Bolt may rust when exposed to harsh environments for prolonged periods.

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Is aluminium coated steel studs ductile or brittle?

The aluminium coated steel studs exhibit a ductile behavior in all temperatures. Aluminium Coated Steel Studs may become brittle when subject to different treatment procedures.

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Is heat treatment mandatory for aluminium bolts?

Heat treatment of aluminium bolts is critical to achieve its desired properties. The Aluminised Steel Threaded Rod can be produced without heat treatment, but it will not have the desired performance and tolerances.

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What is the load carrying capacity of an aluminized stud bolt?

The load carrying capacity of aluminized stud bolts is based on the size and dimensions of the grade. Aluminized Stud Bolt can hold up to 600 pounds with a 1/4 shank diameter. As the diameter increases their weight capacity increases.