Aluminum anchor bolts

Aluminum Anchor Bolts

What are aluminum anchor bolts?

An aluminum anchor bolt is a high strength device that attaches structural elements to concrete. The Aluminum Anchor Bolts are used to efficiently connect different equipment. These bolts anchor a range of material firmly for long periods. Aluminum Concrete Anchors are embedded into concrete and are very reliable. These anchors are designed in L-shaped, double-end rods, headed, and swedge types. The Aluminium Extrusion Anchor Bolt has good strength and is lightweight. These anchors have good resistance to corrosive affluents across harsh environments. Aluminium Sleeve Anchor Bolts have excellent mechanical properties and bolster a long service life. These bolts are used in a range of applications and are designed in an array of sizes.

Aluminum Anchor Bolts Specifications

Aluminum Anchor Bolts Properties

Aluminum Expansion Bolt Physical Properties

Aluminum Anchor Bolts Weight Chart

Aluminum Anchor Bolts Dimensions

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Can you use anchors on aluminum?

Anchors can be used to work with aluminum. The Aluminum Expansion Bolt can be coated with a protective layer to create better corrosion resistance properties.

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What is the minimum depth for aluminum headed concrete anchors?

To install an aluminum concrete anchor, a hole must be drilled in the base of the material. The hole in the Aluminum Headed Concrete Anchors should be drilled with depths between 1/2 to 1/4 depth.

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How long should aluminium toggle bolts be in concrete?

An aluminium toggle bolt should have a minimum length of 7 inches to install in concrete or masonry units. This is the minimum length of the Aluminium Toggle Bolts required to embed in concrete or grouted cells.

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How much weight can aluminium anchor bolts hold?

The weight an Aluminium anchor bolt can hold depends on the dimensions and various parameters of the grade. Aluminium Anchor Bolts can support up to 50 pounds, while some have a weight limit of 100 pounds. To get a precise weight of the Aluminum Drywall Anchors refer to the product details offered by the manufacturer.

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What is the minimum aluminum wedge anchor bolts length and sizes?

Aluminum wedge anchor bolts are designed with lengths ranging between ΒΌ to 1-1/4 in size. The Aluminum Wedge Anchor Bolts 4:1 or 25% act as a safe working load.