Aluminum flat washers

Aluminum Flat Washers

What are aluminum flat washers?

An aluminum flat washer is characterized having a circular and flat body designed in varying thicknesses. The Aluminum Flat Washers allow for even pressure and weight distribution in the system. These washers are used to accommodate a bolt in a central hole. Aluminum Flat Rubber Washers protect the material from damage by securely sealing the material efficiently in the system. The Aluminum SAE Flat Washers act as spacers where additional clearance between objects is necessary. These washers are available in bulk quantities and standards. Large Aluminum Flat Washers have excellent resistance to corrosion in harsh environments. These washers can be custom designed in standard sizes.

Aluminum Flat Washers Specifications

Aluminum Flat Washers Properties

Metric Aluminum Washers Physical Properties

Aluminum Flat Washers Weight Chart

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What are aluminium flat washers used for?

An aluminium flat washer is designed with a plain surface finish. The Aluminium Flat Washers help increase the size of the surface of the screw bearing area. These washers reduce the pressure applied to the fastened material. The Aluminum Square Flat Washers are used to support fasteners in marine, shipbuilding, oil and gas, building systems, etc.

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What are the different sizes of thick aluminum washers?

The thick aluminum washers are designed in standard sizes of #4 to #1-3/8. The Thick Aluminum Washers are designed with varying inner and outer diameters with different thicknesses.

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What is the OD of 5/16 metric aluminum washers?

The 5/16 OD is a standard size of an aluminum washer. These Metric Aluminum Washers come in both USS and SAE standard specifications with varying inside and outer diameters.

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Do anodized aluminum flat washers prevent loosening?

Anodized aluminum flat washers are primarily designed to increase the screw bearing surface to prevent loosening. The Anodized Aluminum Flat /16 Washers primarily help in reducing the surface pressure applied on the fastener. Looseness in the washers can occur as the beating surface reduces and the washer helps reduce surface pressure to make it effective.

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What are the five reasons why we use aluminum countersunk flat washers?

An aluminum countersunk flat washer is used to protect the joint surface from damage against tightening. The Aluminum Countersunk Flat Washers allow for load distribution in the bolt head or nuts. These washers are energy efficient and allow room to affix in compact spaces. They have a flat or oval head that allows them to sink into the hole, allowing them to get a finished appearance. The washers have enhanced corrosion resistance and bolster a long service life.