Aluminum socket head cap screws

Aluminum Socket Head Cap Screws

What are aluminum socket head cap screws?

An aluminium socket head cap screw is a threaded fastener designed with a cylindrical head. The Aluminum Socket Head Cap Screws are designed with primary alloys of aluminum, manganese, and other alloys. These screws are lightweight and have good corrosion resistance properties. Aluminum Socket Cap Screws have a higher torque specification than a cross recessed or slotted fastener. These screws can be easily affixed in place. The Aluminum Socket Head Cap Screws Metric are connected in compact spaces and require lower clamping force. These screws have enhanced mechanical properties and good reliability. The Aluminum Socket Head Screws are coated with a protective coating that gives them enhanced resistance and performance.

Aluminum Socket Head Cap Screws Specifications

Aluminum Socket Head Cap Screws Properties

Aluminum Socket Head Cap Screws Physical Properties

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How do you identify an aluminium head cap socket screw?

An aluminium head cap socket screw is a machine screw that is characterized by a cylindrical barrel shaped head. The Aluminium Socket Head Cap Screws have a hexagonal socket that can be fastened using a wrench or Allen key.

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Are aluminium cap head screws hardened?

Aluminum cap head screws are soft materials requiring to be hardened. The Aluminium Cap Head Screws can be work hardened via the strain hardening process. These screws can also be precipitation hardened to increase their hardness. Apart from this, the Aluminum Hexagonal Socket Head Cap Screws is also heat treated to enhance their strength and hardness.

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What are the 3 uses of aluminum anodized socket head cap screws?

The aluminium socket head cap screw is widely used in an array of sectors. Anodized Socket Head Cap Screws are a feature in industrial productions, the automotive industry, and machine tooling applications.

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What is the tensile strength of an aluminum button head cap screws?

The tensile strength of aluminum head caps screws determines their mechanical performance. The Aluminum Button Head Cap Screws are designed with an ultimate tensile strength of 124mpa.

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How do you calculate the weight of an aluminum shcs?

The weight of an Aluminum grade helps determine its usability and weight it puts on different equipment. Aluminum Shcs weight can be calculated using the formula length x width x density x thickness.