Aluminum Threaded Rod

Aluminum Threaded Rod

What is an aluminum threaded rod called?

An aluminum threaded rod is also known as a stud that is covered by threads on its surface. The Aluminum Threaded Rod is referred to all threads, threaded bars, and studs. These rods have low density and are non-toxic in nature. Aluminum Studs have higher thermal conductivity with good resistance to corrosive media across harsh environments. The Aluminum 2×4 Studs are non-lustrous and have superior machinability, and can be easily shaped or bent efficiently. Aluminum Partially Threaded Rod allow for easy installation and disassembly. These rods work well in variable pressure and temperature conditions. The Aluminum Framing Studs have good reflectivity with robust electrical conductivity. These studs showcase enhanced mechanical properties and tolerances. Aluminum Wall Studs can be heat treated to increase their strength and performance in the system. They don’t require any welding; however, Aluminum Stud Welder can efficiently weld material in place.

Aluminum Threaded Rod Specifications

Aluminum Threaded Rod Properties

Aluminum Allthread Physical Properties

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Can an aluminium bar be threaded?

The aluminium bar can be efficiently threaded to make them into a threaded bar. The Aluminum Nelson Studs are available in different sizes to suit different project requirements.

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Is Aluminum All Thread Rod high tensile?

Aluminium All threaded rods have different grades, each having different mechanical properties. The Aluminum All Thread Rod has a minimum tensile strength of 42,000psi and a maximum tensile strength of 45000psi. This superior tensile strength of the Aluminum Allthread allows it to handle high strength applications.

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How much weight will an Aluminum Acme Threaded Rod hold?

The aluminium threaded rod is designed in different thread size that determines its load-carrying capacity. Aluminum Acme Threaded Rod has a minimum proof load of 112kg for an M3 thread size having a stress area of 5mm2. Similarly, an M20 thread size of an Aluminum Threaded Bar is 5617kg with a stress area of 245 mm2.

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How do you size aluminum studs?

The size of the alumiunium stud refers to the width or thickness of the stud. The aluminum Fully Threaded Studs diameter is measured by checking the diameter of the shank. You can use a caliper to measure the diameter of the material. The shank diameter of the Aluminium Double Ended Threaded Rod is 1/4, 5/16, or 3/8.

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Applications of aluminum stud bolt

An aluminium stud bolt is a lightweight tool that can be easily connected to different applications. The Aluminum Stud Bolt is common in roofing, insulation, cladding, doors, architectural hardware, guttering, and flooring. These Aluminum Threaded Weld Studs are also a feature in machinery, motors, turbines, electrical equipment, aerospace components, etc.