Aluminum tube fittings

Aluminum tube fittings

What are aluminum tube fittings?

The fittings made of aluminum are typically cast and they are available in different shapes and dimensions. These are customizable by the manufacturers and hence can be made according to the application requirements. These fittings help to maintain the pipe run or put a stop to it. The best benefit of Al 2024 single ferrule fittings are that they are compatible to different types of pipes and tubes. The aluminum tube fittings are easily customizable according to the requirements given by the client. They are non-toxic and possess good thermal conductivity. The aluminium bulkhead union shows good resistance to corrosion and they can be machined and molded easily. The al 6061 t6 double ferrule fittings are non-magnetic in nature and they are highly malleable and ductile. The aluminium tube connectors are durable and they show good resistance to corrosion. Due to the properties of the Aluminium 7075 male connector, they can be used in aerospace, construction, and transportation industries.

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6061 vs. 6063 aluminum compression fittings

Compared to the Al 6061 instrumentation fittings, the 6063 aluminum fitting comes with a higher melting temperature. They also have a higher heat capacity and thermal conductivity. The 6063 Al material comes with a better surface finish and thus, they are preferred for various structural purposes.

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Aluminum hydraulic fittings vs pneumatic

The 7075 aluminum pneumatic fittings help to connect the pipes, tubes, and hoses of the pressurized gas or pneumatic system. They require less pressure but offer a tighter seal.

The aluminum hydraulic fittings are used for connecting a hydraulic hose to different components of the hydraulic systems like pipes, tubes, cylinders and even to other hydraulic hoses. These fittings help the fluid to change its direction, get diverted, mixed, and seamless fluid flow.

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Difference between compression and aluminum flare fittings

The aluminum compression fittings are used for creating plumbing systems that can help to connect lengths of pipes and tubes to each other or threaded components like valves. It comes with a sleeve, nut, and a fitting body, which helps to offer a pressure resistant and leak tight seal.

The aluminum flare fittings are a type of compression fitting that are used with metal tubing. They are flared- expanded and deformed at the end which is why they got their name.They offer higher degree of reliability for a long period of time. They can be found in military and aerospace applications.

Aluminum compression coupling and al 6061 t6 double ferrule fittings for a solid leak-free joint

Advantages of aluminum high pressure compression fittings

The benefits of aluminum high pressure compression fittings are:

  • suitably used for various applications.
  • They can be used in confined spaces where soldering can cause fire hazards
  • They are ideal for hydraulic applications
  • They can be connected and disconnected very easily
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Application of aluminum pneumatic fittings

The aluminum pneumatic fittings are used in instrumentation and pneumatic logic control systems.