Aluminium tube

Aluminum tube

What is an aluminium tube?

Aluminium is not only a light metal but also cheaper than other metals. There are many soft aluminium alloys with copper, magnesium, zinc, lithium and manganese to add strength. Aluminium alloys form an anti-oxidant coating when exposed to air to protect products like pipes and tubes instantly.

Aluminium tubes made from such lightweight and protective aluminium alloys find use in many applications in several sectors. It is because of the many aluminium alloys used to make round, extruded, hexagon, metric, large diameter, anodized and others. It is also because of the many excellent properties of thick-walled, oval and black aluminium tubing etc.

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How to bend aluminium pipe?

Pure aluminium pipe is soft and easy to bend than steel and other pipes. But pipes made from many aluminium alloys by adding other metals make bending challenges. Hence the following steps will help to know how to bend from 1 inch, 2-inch, 3-inch to 4-inch aluminium pipe etc.

Steps to bend aluminium pipe

  • First. check whether it is a 5-inch aluminium pipe to decide whether to bend it by hand or use a hydraulic bender
  • Next is to fill the pipe with sand or similar material, securing three layers of window screening using double hose clamps.
  • Final step is to bend the pipe slowly and evenly to the desired shape

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What is the price difference between aluminium tubing squares in India and China?

Aluminium tubing square is ideal for many applications from construction to medical and others. From making wheelchair frames to bedframes, bent aluminium tubing square is useful in many sectors. The top aluminium tube suppliers provide the best aluminium tubing Menards and others, at cheaper but high-quality costs.

There is little difference between aluminium square tubing prices in India and China. But the quality of the aluminium dryer vent pipe, aluminium exhaust pipe etc., are of high quality. It is because of using the best aluminium alloy to make aluminium compressed air piping, threaded aluminium pipe, and others.

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What is the application of aluminium air pipe?

The application of aluminium air pipe is to provide compressed air to many usage points. The delivery of the compressed air should be with the right quality, enough volume and precise pressure for powering the components. Since compressed air is essential in many industries, the need for the best aluminium airline is rising. Also, their demand is rising continuously because of their cheaper costs than air pipes made of other metals.

Blue aluminum air pipe provided by the best suppliers has high quality suitable for applications in many industries. A few of them include aerospace, electronics, automotive, plastics, power, mining, medical, etc.

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How much does an aluminium irrigation pipe weight?

Aluminium irrigation pipe being lightweight and portable is best for transporting low, medium and high-pressure water and other liquids. Different irrigation pipes are made of aluminium of various sizes, lengths, shapes, thicknesses, and others. But for most irrigation systems like a big gun, pivot and traveler. Four-inch irrigation pipes made using superior aluminum alloy are best for a big gun traveler, center pivot, and other irrigation systems.

The weight of the best aluminium alloy irrigation pipes depended on the varying sizes, wall thickness and desired length. Since most aluminium alloys are lightweight, most of the irrigation pipes made from them are with less weight and cost.

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Aluminium vs copper compressed air piping

Compressed air for air conditioners and many other industrial uses should have the right volume, pressure and other factors. Hence using the proper piping is critical for it to function properly. Though there are pipes made of steel or copper for transporting compressed gas, pipes made of aluminium are the first choice of many people worldwide. It is because of the following, among other reasons.

  • Cheaper than copper air pipes
  • Because aluminium pipes are more ductile than copper, they need less quantity than copper pipes
  • Fitting copper pipes need soldering, which is risky in specific situations, whereas aluminium air pipes are easy to install

Aluminium Pipe Weight Chart