Angle globe valves

Angle globe valves

What are angle globe valves?

Industrial pipelines transmit different types of fluids. Each application has a different requirement and there are valves that are made to facilitate the flow in different applications and systems. The Angle globe valves are made specifically to eliminate a few problems in the regular globe valves. These are globe valves that have the ends at an angle. The angle is usually 90°. The angle creates an optimal flow in the pipe so that it can perform better without interrupting the flow. The requirement of Angle type globe valve is mostly in high-pressure and high temperature applications where space is very rare. In these cases, the angle valve also acts as an elbow and changes the direction of flow.

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What is an angle type globe valve used for?

Angle seat globe valve is used in applications where the flow has to be controlled while the direction of flow has to be changed. The valve is made from cast iron mostly and the material provides good strength the valve can withstand high pressure and temperature. The temperature ranges between -40 to 500°C. This allows the Right angle globe valve to be applied in high-temperature applications such as boiler feed lines and others. The strength of the material also makes these valves work at higher pressure ranges.

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How do I stop my angle seat globe valve from leaking?

The Angle pattern globe valve can leak if it is not installed properly. If the valve is fitted with threads, bolts, and nuts with the pipes, then the bolts and nuts have to be inspected. Sometimes the valves are attached to flanges for easy maintenance and better connection. In these cases, the gaskets have to be inspected. If the Bronze angle globe valve has any defective components such as a gasket, bolt, or nut, you can replace that part alone. If everything is properly fixed and the valve is still leaking, then it is very possible that your valve seat or globe has worn off. To test this, you can check the valve with hydraulic pressure or air pressure test.

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Where are right angle globe valve located?

Stainless steel angle globe valve is preferred because it can combine two functions together. The right angle makes the flow direction change. The globe valve can control the flow. So the valve has to be applied in locations where these two functions are needed together. In pipelines, around the corners where the pipes turn, and the flow has to be controlled, the Angle globe control valve is used. This is used in chemical, power generation, petrochemical, and boiler applications.

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Can you flow backwards through a stainless steel angle globe valve?

These are in a way gate valves with globe-shaped gates. The Angle globe check valve can be used to control the flow and facilitate it in a single direction, but the valves themselves are bidirectional. They can facilitate the direction in both ways. The applications use the valve to make sure that the flow is stopped or opened. When the valve is open and the pressure is in the reverse gradient, the Angle globe stop check valve can allow backflow.

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How can you tell if an angle globe stop check valve is open?

Valves have markings on their bodies and handles or handwheels to indicate the flow position. A few valves are easy to identify their positions with the position of the handle. The Angle globe stop valve has a handle perpendicular to the pipeline when it is closed. This is the normal position. When the valve is open, the handle is parallel to the pipe, indicating that the flow is through. With time, the handle can loosen and might not be perfectly in the parallel or perpendicular direction, but still, it is pretty clearly visible.