Api 5ct pipe

API 5ct pipe

What is api 5ct ?

API 5ct can be described as a technical specification for casing and tubing pipes made of steel. The API 5ct pipe is widely used for oil wells in industries like petroleum and natural gas. The material used for making API spec 5ct pipe billet shall have grain refining treatment. The API 5ct tube shall contain one or more grain refining elements, including aluminum, niobium, titanium, and vanadium. The API 5ct standard pipes are available with different ends and thus, various techniques can be used for joining them.

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API 5ct Pipe sizes, specification, tolerances, dimensions, and weight

API 5ct Pipe Specification

API 5ct Pipe Properties

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What are common api 5ct grades ?

The common Api 5ct grades will include H40, J55, K55, M65, and N80.

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What are connections of api 5ct casing ?

The Api 5ct casing connections are short round thread casing, long round thread casing, buttress thread casing, and extreme-line casing.

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What are api 5ct tubing 4 groups of grade ?

The Api 5ct tubing 4 groups of grade are:

  • Group 1: Casings and tubing that have Grades with H, J, K, N and R
  • Group 2: Casings and tubing that have Grades with C, L, M and T
  • Group 3: Casings and tubing that have Grade P
  • Group 4: Casings and tubing that have Grade Q
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How to prevent surface cracking defect in api-5ct pipe ?

The surface cracking defects in Api-5ct pipe specification can be prevented with the help of carburization.

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Point to remember before buy api 5ct casing pipe ?

Before buying check profile of above listed API 5ct tube manufacturers. Also, compare the prices and buy from the one offering you with the best deal. Talk to them about customization, dimensional accuracy, and if they will provide test results to certify the material quality and performance before delivery.