API 5l x42 pipe

API 5L X42 Pipe

What is API 5L X42 Pipe?

The American Petroleum Institution has specifications for oil and gas line pipes for the transmission of petroleum products. There are different grades within product specification level 1 and product specification level 2. The product specification level 1 is usually the standard whereas the PSL 2 is of higher quality. The Api 5l x42 pipe has a minimum yield strength of L290 and is therefore also called the L290. The pipes can be made through seamless or welded procedures. The X42 pipe has higher mechanical and physical properties than grade B.

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API 5l X42 Pipe Specification

API 5l X42 Pipe Properties

API 5l grade b vs x42

The Api 5l x42 psl 1 pipe is stronger than grade b due to the increased carbon and magnesium content. The X42 has 0.02% more carbon and 0.1% more manganese in the composition. The Api 5l x42 psl 2 pipe also has a minimum yield strength of 290MPa, 45MPa more than grade B.

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What is the End Finish of the L290 pipe?

L290 pipe can have different pipe ends. The pipe ends to facilitate the different connection procedures. Pipes are sometimes welded, sometimes screwed or flanged and sometimes they are fitted with threads. Since the L290 steel pipe is meant for oil and gas lines, and most pipes are welded, the ends are mostly beveled and plain.

Huge diameter Schedule 40, 80, 20, 60, std, and XXS API 5l x 42 seamless pipes available in Dubai. Additionally, compare API 5l x42 to x52.

API 5l x42 vs x52

The Api x42 pipe is used for medium-level uses in the petroleum industry. The X52 grade has higher compositional values and therefore higher mechanical properties. The X52 grade has a minimum yield strength of 360MPa, 30MPa more than the Api 5l x42 erw pipe, and a minimum tensile strength of 460MPa, 45MPa more than grade X42.

Examine specification levels as well as API 5l x 42 PSL 1 pipe wall thickness and specifications in accordance with standards.

What are the specification levels of API 5L X42 Steel Pipe?

Api 5l x42 steel pipe has two product specification levels. The PS1 is the product specification level 1 and the PS2 is the product specification level 2. The psl1 is the normal standard for X42 pipe. The psl2 has grades that are specifically designed for minor detail requirements of the oil and gas industry.

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Which coating is applied on API 5L X42 Seamless Pipe?

Api 5l x42 seamless pipe is coated mostly with 3LPE coating, color painting, and epoxy resin coating. The coating helps the pipe to withstand corrosion and abrasion. The coating also provides an aesthetical appeal.