API 5l x46 pipe

API 5L X46 Pipe

What is API 5L X46 Pipe?

The petroleum industry uses a lot of metal pipes. These pipes are made up of different mixtures of materials together. These mixtures are named and governed by international standards organizations. The API 5L X46 Pipe belongs to a specification and a particular grade. There are product specification levels within certain standards of pipes, and then grades within the product specification levels. The X46 grade also has PSl1 and PSL2. The composition of the X46 grade has chromium, molybdenum, carbon, phosphorus, manganese, and other alloying elements in it.

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API 5l X46 Pipe Specification

API 5l X46 Pipe Properties

Is api 5l grade x46 pipe corrosion resistant?

The pipes are made up of these alloys that make the material corrosion-resistant. The api 5l grade x46 pipe is of a higher grade in the API 5L specification. It can be used in oil and gas industries in offshore and onshore applications. The pipes are also corrosion-resistant enough to be applied in sour services.

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what is the manufacturing process of L320 Pipe?

This particular grade is called L320 because of its minimum yield strength of 320MPa. The L320 Pipe is manufactured through cold drawing and hot rolling for the seamless pipes. The API 5L X46 psl2 pipe also can be made by welded procedures. The seamless pipes are of smaller outer diameters whereas the welded pipes have diameters above 12 inches.

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which welding process is used for api 5l gr. x46 pipe?

Making the api 5l gr. x46 pipe involves electric resistance welding, electric fusion welding, and electric arc welding. Arc welding is actually submerged arc welding with different techniques. The api 5l x 46 erw pipe can be made through LSAW, SSAW, and other arc welding methods as well.

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What is the application of API 5L X46 psl1 pipe?

API 5L X46 psl1 pipe is used in general oil and gas applications and sour services. Petroleum, petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries, and other industries use the API 5L X46 Carbon Steel Line Pipe. The pipes come in diameters ranging from ½ inch to 24 inches and in various wall thicknesses. The pressure requirements of the applications can be matched with the different schedules of the pipes.

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is Api 5l x46 seamless pipe required a lot of maintenance?

Api 5l x46 seamless pipe maintenance is much easier. The pipes are installed with fittings and piggable components that allow for cleaning. This makes the process easier. The pipes of larger diameters are usually easier to maintain. Smaller diameter pipes need extra care. The maintenance is also partially due to the corrosion and rusting of pipes. With the high-level corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of these pipes, there is no need for intense maintenance.