API 5l x52 pipe

API 5L X52 Pipe

API specifications define these as the pipes for oil and gas line pipes. The API 5L X52 Pipe is made up of different alloying elements and carbon steel. There are high alloy elements like titanium, vanadium, and niobium in fewer quantities in the composition. The composition of the api x52 makes it stronger and corrosion-resistant.

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API 5l X52 Pipe Specification

API 5l X52 Pipe Specification

Size of API 5L X52 pipe L360 Pipe Length X52/L360 Psl 2 product service level (PSL)
  • OD: 13.7 – 610 mm, upto 24″
  • Wall thickness: 3.02 – 31.75mm
  • X52 seamless pipe: 2″ NPS to 36″ OD
  • Grade X52 PSL2 ERW pipe : 2″ NPS to 24″ OD
  • API 5L X52 PSL2 DSAW pipe: 20″ to 48″ OD
  • X52 Carbon Steel SSAW/ HSAW pipe: 100″ OD
  • 6 meters
  • 12 meters
  • Single random lengths (4 – 8 meters)
  • Double random lengths (8 – 13 meters)
  • Custom length or cut to length to save wastage
  • API 5L X52 PSL1 (Seamless/ welded (ERW)
  • API 5L X52 PSL2 (Seamless/ welded (ERW)
  • CSA Z245.1
API 5L X52 material data sheet En 10225 S355 G15 Norsok Y22 standard 3PE Coating X52 Seamless pipe American dimensional standard
  • X52 / L360 (N, M, Q, R)
  • X52N
  • X52M
  • X52Q
  • X52R
  • L360GA
  • L360NB
  • L360QB
  • L360MB
  • ISO 3183 L360/ API 5L X52
  • ASME B36.10M
L360 Pipe manufacturing methods X52 Pipe approved ex-stock API 5L X52 line pipe European standard
  • JCOE (for Grade X52 PSL1 LSAW pipe)
  • Cold finished or cold drawn
  • Hot rolled
Above listed API 5l X52 Pipe suppliers supply ex-stock with following Approvals

  • PDO
  • Qatar Gas
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Petrobras
  • Pemex
  • KOC
  • Petronas
  • NACE certified
  • HIC tested
  • SSC
  • EN 10216-2 (X52 Carbon Steel seamless pipe)
  • EN 10217-2 (Grade X52 PSL2 welded pipe)
API 5L X52n standard wall thickness X52 ERW Pipe surface coating or treatment Grade X52 PSL1 Pipe Line Mill Test certificate
  • 4 Inch
  • Standard (SCH STD)
  • Ex-Standard (XS)
  • Double Extra Strong (XSS)
  • Schedule 5
  • SCH 10
  • SCH 20
  • SCH 30
  • SCH 40 X52 PSL2 material (Most selling)
  • SCH 80
  • SCH 120
  • SCH 160
  • CRA Clad or Lined API 5L X52 Steel pipe pipe
  • Natural
  • CWC (Concrete Weight Coated)
  • Varnished
  • Black Painting
  • FBE API X52 pipe
  • 3PE (3LPE) X52 Grade PSL2 pipe
  • 3PP Grade L360 X52 pipe

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  • MTC 3.1 EN 10204

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X52 ERW Pipe suitable welding process API 5L X52 seamless pipe types X52 Steel welded pipe types
  • Arc welding (E)
  • MAG-welding massive wire
  • Submerged arc welding (SAW)
  • TIG-welding
  • MAG-welding cored wire
  • X52 Grade PSL1 cold drawn seamless pipe (CDS) / Cold Finished
  • Grade X52 PSL1 hot finished seamless pipe (HFS)
  • API 5L X52 Grade B ERW pipe: Electric Resistance Welded (upto 24″)
  • API 5L X52 PSL2 MAW pipe: Hand-Welding or Manual Arc Welding
  • Grade X52 PSL1 SAW pipe: Submerged Arc Welding (larger diameter pipe)
  • X52 Carbon Steel LSAW pipe: Longitudinal SAW pipe (upto 48″)
  • X52 Steel DSAWpipe: Double Submerged Arc Welding
  • Grade X52 PSL2 EFW pipe: Electric Fusion Welding
  • API 5L X52 PSL1 CEW pipe: Cold Drawn Electric Resistance Welding
  • X52 Steel OAW pipe: Oxy Acetylene Welding
  • API 5L X52 PSL1 SSAW pipe: Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (upto 100″)
  • Grade L360 X52 HSAW pipe: Helical SAW (upto 100″)
  • X52 Carbon Steel HFIW pipe: High Frequency Induction Welding
  • API X52 HFW pipe: Hot Finished Welding
  • X52 BWP pipe: Butt Welded Pipes
API 5L X52 Seamless Pipes delivery conditions Value added service Grade X52 PSL2 Spiral Pipe application & uses
  • Normalized and tempered
  • Normalizing formed
  • Normalized
  • Quenched and tempered
  • As-rolled
  • Normalizing rolled
  • Thermomechanical rolled
  • Pipe sleeve/ repair sleeve
  • Third party inspection
  • Cut to size
  • Coating
  • Welding/ Fabrication work
  • X52 Carbon Steel Sour service line pipe
  • Grade X52 PSL1 Line Pipe
  • Petroleum industry
  • Natural gas
  • Oil & gas line pipe industries
  • H2S corrosive environment

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Color of L360 Pipe

Grade Identification colour code
L360 or X52 Green

Delivery Condition of API 5L X52 PSL1 and X52 PSL2 material

PSL Condition Pipe & Steel Grade (a/b)
  • normalized
  • normalizing formed
  • normalized and tempered
  • Normalizing rolled
L360N or X52N
  • thermomechanical formed
  • Thermomechanical rolled
L360M or X52M
  • normalizing formed
  • normalized
  • thermomechanical formed
  • quenched & tempered
  • normalized & tempered
  • normalizing rolled
  • thermomechanical rolled
  • As-rolled
L360 or X52
  • tempered & Quenched
L360Q or X52Q

List of API 5l X52 PSL1 seamless pipe inspection document

PSL Condition
  • Certificate 3.1.C
  • hydrostatic test
  • Certificate 3.1.A
  • nondestructive inspection
  • Certificate 3.1.B
  • pipe certification

Inspection document list for API 5L X52 PSL2

PSL Condition
  • DWT test
  • Inspection Certificate 3.1.A
  • Inspection Certificate 3.1.C
  • hydrostatic test
  • Inspection Certificate 3.1.B
  • nondestructive inspection
  • Inspection Certificate 3.1
  • Inspection Certificate 3.2

Manufacturing types of X52 Carbon Steel Pipe

Pipe Type / Pipe End PSL 1 PSL 2

Types of API 5L X52 PSL2 material

Pipe Type / Pipe End PSL 2 PSL 1
Threaded end
Plain end X X
Belled end X
Plain end for
special coupling



Chemical Composition for API 5l X52 PSL1 (Seamless and welded))

Grade Mass Fraction %
Carbon Vanadium Phosphorus Titanium Magnesium Niboium Sulphur
max max min max max max max max
X52 PSL1 Seamless pipe
L360 or X52 0.28 d 0.030 d 1.40 d 0.030
X52 PSL1 Welded pipe
L360 or X52 0.26 d 0.030 d 1.40 d 0.030

Chemical Composition for API 5l X52 PSL2 (Seamless and welded)

Steel Grade (Steel Name) Mass Fraction on Heat & Product Analyses
% maximum
Carbon Equivalent a
% maximum
Si C b P Mn b V S Ti Other CEIIW Nb CEPcm
X52 PSL2 Seamless Pipe
L360Q or X52Q 0. 45 0. 18 0.025 1.50 0.05 0. 015 0.04 e,l 0.43 0.05 0.25
L360N or X52N 0 .40 0. 24 0.025 1.40 0.07 0. 015 0.04 d, e, l 0.43 0.05 0.25
X52 PSL2 Welded Pipe
L360M or X52M 0.45 0.22 0.025 1.40 d 0.015 d e,l 0.43 d 0.25

Tensile strength of X52 PSL 1

Pipe Grade Weld Seam of EW, LW, SAW, and COW
X52 PSL1 Seamless and Welded Pipe body
Tensile Strength b
MPa (psi)
MPa (psi) a Yield Strength
MPa (psi) a Tensile Strength
(on 50 mm or 2 in.)
min min min min
L360 or X52 460 (66,700) 360 (52,200) 460 (66,700) c

Tensile strength of X52 PSL 2

Pipe GradeX52 PSL2 Seamless and Welded Pipe bodyWeld Seam of HFW, SAW and
COW Pipe

MPa (psi) a Yield Strength
MPa (psi) a Tensile Strength
Ratio c,a
(on 50 mm
or 2 in.)
MPa (psi) d Tensile Strength
min max max min max min min
L360N or X52N L360Q or X52Q L360M or X52M 360 (52,200) 530 (76,900) 760 (110 , 200) 460 (66,700) 0. 93 f 460 (66,700)

List of quality tests required for API 5L X52m

  • Pipe Body Tests
  • Guided-bend Test
  • Ex-stock of API 5L X52 PSL2 material with Bend Test
  • Flattening Test
  • Hydrostatic Test as per ASME B31.3
  • DWT test
  • Impact Test for API 5L X52 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe


Maximum Angle of X52/L360 Psl 2

Specified Wall Thickness
mm (in.)
Maximum Angle of Taper
10.5 (0.413) to < 14.0 (0.551) 9.5
14.0 (0.551) to < 17.0 (0.669) 11.0
< 10.5 (0.413) 7.0
≥ 17.0 (0.669) 14.0

Marking examples of L360 Pipe

  • Annex G
  • Outside Diameter
  • Pipe Type
  • API Spec 5L
  • customer’s inspection representative (Y)
  • Colour for grade identification
  • Tested
  • Grade
  • Wall Thickness
  • steel name
  • Name of suppliers/ Manufacturers
  • Identification Number

API 5L gr x52 equivalent

Standard USA
Seamless / welded pipe
Specification European standard EN DIN
Flange Welded fittings
  • X52
  • X52M
  • X52Q
ISO 3183 L360NB 1.0582 StE360.7 ASTM A694 F52 ASTM A860 WPHY 52
API 5L X52 ISO 3183 L360MB 1.0578 StE360.7TM
API 5L X52 ISO 3183 S355G14 1.1184

API 5l X52 Pipe Properties

Looking to buy API 5L X52 Equivalent Material in Middle east? Check
estimated delivery of X52/L360 Psl 2 to your nearby port

Middle East Country Name Nearby Port Name Estimated delivery of API 5L X52 Psl1 from China L320Q-API 5L X52Q pipe Import days from Europe
(Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway)
API 5L X52 Equivalent procurement from USA
(North America)
Estimated delivery of X52 Steel Nace Pipe from Indian manufacturers
  • Al-Hudaydah Port Yemen
  • Puerto de Aden Port Yemen
22-24 25-26 24-26 14-16
  • Port of Aqaba Jordan
25-30 24-26 13-16 8-10
  • Limassol Port Cyprus
  • Port of Famagusta Cyprus
15-20 12-14 25-30 8-12
  • Mina Salman Port Bahrain
  • Khalifa Bin Salman Port Bahrain
  • Manama Harbour Port Bahrain
  • Sitra Port Bahrain
  • Al Muharraq Port Bahrain
20-21 35-37 31-33 5-6
  • Port of Haifa Israel
  • Port of Eilat Israel
  • Hadera port Israel
18-20 15-16 14-20 7-8
  • Haydarpasa Port Turkey
  • Izmir Port Turkey
  • Port Akdeniz Antalya
19-21 13-14 14-16 16-18
  • Sultan Qaboos Port Oman
  • Al Sultan Qaboos Port Ship, Mutrah, Oman
  • Salalah Port Oman
15-17 22-23 20-22 2-3
Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Jeddah Islamic Port
    Saudi Arabia
  • Gizan Port Saudi Arabia
  • Jubail Commercial Port Saudi Arabia
15-18 16-17 30-40 5-6
  • Port Said Egypt
  • Sokhna Port Egypt
  • Port of ADABIYA Egypt
  • Alexandria Port Egypt
  • Dekheila Port Egypt
  • Safaga Port Egypt
  • Port of Abu Qir Egypt
15-18 18-20 15-20 12-15
UAE (Dubai)
  • Al Hamriya Port Dubai
  • Mina Rashid Port Dubai
  • Jebel Ali Port Dubai
  • Fujairah Port Dubai
  • Hamriyah Port Dubai
  • Zayed Port
  • Khalifa Port Dubai
20-25 24-26 5-10 8-10
  • Hamad Port Qatar
  • Doha Port Qatar
18-20 26-28 25-30 4-5
  • Doha Port Kuwait
  • Shuaiba Port Kuwait
  • Shuwaikh Port Kuwait
26-40 27-28 31-33 5-7


Purchase l360 pipe in Dubai in a range of sizes and custom lengths that adhere to BS, ASME, SAE, AGA, ANSI, API, AWWA, ISO, and DIN standards; view production processes

what are the manufacturing types of L360 Pipe?

L360 Pipe is another name for the X52 grade. The name comes from their minimum yield strength of 360MPa. The specified minimum yield strength or the smys of x52 pipe is a measure of the strength of the material.

The different grades have compositional differences. The grade X46 has 320MPa minimum yield strength and the X52 has 360MPa. So the api 5l x52 seamless pipes are naturally stronger. Although both the grades are designed for oil and gas industrial applications, the api 5l x52 psl1 pipe is made with higher mechanical, physical, and performance properties.

The metal pipes have certain limitations. The standards and specifications specify the limitations for each grade. The x52 line pipe also has some limitations for the load. After a certain level of external or internal force, the pipe will start to bend or deform. This mandates a bending test to be performed to know the minimum force needed to bend a pipe so that it is carefully applied in the application not to bend the api5lx52 pipe at unnecessary places. A sample of the pipe is presented on the universal bending machine. There are 3-point loading and 4-point loading test methods. The force or load is applied on 3 points or 4 points of the sample at intervals equal to 10 times the outer diameter of the pipe. When the force is applied, the deformation, ductility, and uniformity of the pipes are.

You’ve found the perfect spot if you’re looking for an importer of API 5l x52 psl1 pipe in GCC countries. However, be aware of delivery conditions.

What does mean by N, Q, M, and R regarding delivery conditions?

Pipes are made as seamless or welded pipes. They are then made with different types of finishes and pipe ends. When the api x52 pipe is made, it has to be delivered with certain conditions. There are different techniques denoted by single letters such as Normalizing, N; quenching, Q; Thermomechanical rolled, M; as rolled, R. The x52 steel pipe can be delivered under these conditions to make sure that the pipe is ready for application.

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How API 5l x52 psl2 pipe is tested?

There are different tests to check the pipes for perfection. There are chemical tests, physical tests, non-destructive tests, and destructive tests for api 5l x52 psl2 pipe to make sure they are of the right quality. The ultrasonic test, the hydrostatic test, the X-ray test, and other tests are performed on the pipes and the quality is confirmed.