API 5l X56 pipe

API 5L X56 Pipe

What is API 5L x56 pipe?

The specification is for oil and gas pipelines and sour services. These lines of pipes are meant for onshore and offshore applications. The pipes are made under different grades in the API 5L specifications. The API 5L X56 Pipe has a minimum yield strength of 390MPa and therefore these pipes are also called L390 pipes. The chemical composition of these pipes includes different alloying elements including chromium and molybdenum. This grade of pipes is made as seamless pipes and welded pipes. There are pipes ranging from ½ inches to 24 inches in outer diameter.

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API 5l X56 Pipe Specification

API 5l X56 Pipe Properties

What is the density of API 5l grade x56 pipe?

The density of the API 5L Grade X56 Pipe depends on the chemical composition of the grade. The density of this grade is 7850kg/m3. The two different product specification levels are PSL1 and PSL2. The chemical composition of the api 5l gr x56 pipe also determines the physical and mechanical properties of the pipes. The toughness and hardness can be determined by the delivery conditions of the API 5L X56 PSL1 Pipe.

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What are the benefits of API 5l x56 psl2 pipe?

API 5L X56 PSL2 Pipe has higher corrosion resistance and pressure resistance than the X42, and X46 grades. It can be used in high-level sour service applications and in the oil and gas industries. The API 5L X56 seamless Pipe is made through a cold drawing or hot rolling process and has no welding seam. This makes the pipes capable of high-pressure handling.

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Is the L390 pipe machinable?

L390 Pipe has quite a plasticity and ductility, that it can be machined. There are other surface treatment methods. The forming operations can be applied to these pipes. They include drawing, expansion, sand blast, shot blast, and machining on the API 5L X56 Carbon Steel Pipe.

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What is dwt test for api 5l x56 sch 40 pipes?

The pipes are made up of welding or seamless procedures and both pipes have a level of crack and brittle risk. The api 5l x56 sch 40 pipe has to stand a certain force again brittleness and crack. The DWT is a drop-weight tear test that applies to drop a weight onto the pipes to see if they deform, crack or break. The API 5L X56 PSL1 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe is then ensured of crack arrest and brittle fracture resistant.

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Compare the price of api 5l x56m pipe in India and china

Api 5l X56m Pipe is sold at about USD 890 per ton in India whereas it is sold at around USD 600 in China. However, the minimum order requirements apply. The transportation and other logistical costs are not included. It is necessary for the customer to consider all the costs until the product has arrived at your doorstep. On top of that, the delivery time is important so that your project doesn’t delay.