API 5l x60 pipe

API 5L X60 Pipe

What is API 5L X60 Pipe?

Metals are used to make pipes of different sizes, shapes, and qualities. There are different metal alloys that are made from different compositions of elements. The API standard indicates the specifications of each alloy that is specified. The API 5l x60 pipe is a grade of pipe under API 5L which is designated as oil and gas line pipes for services onshore, offshore and sour services. These pipes also have different product specification levels as PSL1 which is product specification level 1 and PSL2 which is product specification level 2.

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API 5l X60 Pipe Specification

API 5l X60 Pipe Properties

API 5l x60 vs x65

The API 5l x60 pipes have a minimum yield strength of 60ksi and are denoted by that number. The X65 pipes have minimum yield strength of 65ksi which is larger than the X60 pipes. The minimum yield strength can be expressed in MPa the X60 has 415 MPa and the X65 has 450MPa. The tensile strength of the X65 is 535MPa, 15MPa more than the X60. The Api 5l grade x60 pipe and the X65 pipe only have a slight difference in composition. But the X65 is stronger and better compared to the X60 pipes.

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Why the L415 pipe is suitable for oil and gas transportation systems?

The composition of the pipes has carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, vanadium, niobium, and titanium. These elements make the L415 pipe to be stronger, corrosion-resistant, and abrasion-resistant; especially corrosion-resistant against sour services. These qualities make the Api 5l gr x60 pipes suitable for the oil and gas line pipes and transportation systems.

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Difference between API 5l gr.b and x60

API 5l gr x60 has far high mechanical and physical properties than the grade B pipes. Grade B is also weaker than grade X60. Grade B has only 245MPa minimum yield strength and 415MPa minimum tensile strength whereas grade X60 has a minimum yield strength of 415MPa and a minimum tensile strength of 520MPa. In addition to the strength, API x60 pipes also have high corrosion resistance, high abrasion resistance, and high pressure and temperature capacities.

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What is the hardness of API 5l x60 welded pipe?

In the Hardness Rockwell C scale, or the HRC is one of the measures used to calculate the hardness of the pipes. Pipes of different grades must perform to meet the hardness requirements at the hardness test. The API 5l x60 welded pipe has a 22 HRC hardness. Although this grade has welded pipes, it can have seamless pipes. The production of pipes over 12 inches of outer diameter are made by electric fusion welding or other methods of welding from a rolled plate. But the pipes under 12 inches of outer diameter can be made as API 5l x60 seamless pipes through hot rolling or cold drawing mechanisms. The hardness of pipes made under different procedures varies. And the hardness of pipes heats treated differently can vary as well.

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What are the manufacturing types of API 5l x60 psl2 seamless pipe?

API 5l gr x60 psl 2 has unique and detailed improvement to the standard psl1 of each grade in the API specification. The seamless pipes of this specification can be made from a single billet of metal through the cold drawing process. The cold drawing involves no heating of the API 5l x60 psl2 seamless pipe. Hot rolling involves heating a single billet of the metal and then rotating it on rollers while it is rotary-pierced to get into the desired dimensions.