API 602 valve

API 602 valve

What is api 602 valve?

These are small forged valves that range in size from ¼ inches to 2 inches. There are threaded, socket weld, flanged, and globe valve varieties. API 602 valve valves have pressure ratings from class 150 to class 4500. There are different materials used. Mostly the 410 martensitic sheets of steel are used. For oil and vapors, there are stronger material wedges whereas soft materials are used for general-purpose applications. The products can last up to 540 degrees Celsius and in high pressures. The material has strength ranging from 16MPa to 32MPa.

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Api 602 Valve Specification

Api 602 Valve Dimension

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What can go wrong with a API 602 gate valve?

API 602 globe valve can regulate the flow for shutting down and opening operations only. Although there can be a half-open position and fluid flow, it is not recommended. The valve gate can wear off and the seat can wear off. Since the seat and wedge have to be fitted with each other in the closed position, the API 602 check valve can start leaking when the wedge is worn off. Even the seat can wear off after a long time of operation. The gate can wear off with fluid flow as well. The major flaw is that the valve cannot be used for throttling operations.

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Can you flow backwards through a API 602 globe valve?

API 602 ball valve can have backflow. It is not designed to have backflow, but the design allows backflow. The valve either can open or close; that’s the purpose of the valve. However, the valve can facilitate flow at a controlled rate in low-pressure applications. If the pressure at the outlet goes higher than the inlet pressure, then the API 602 piston check valve can allow backflow.

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How long does a API 602 check valve last?

The valve material, the valve gate material, the fluid inside, and the frequency of operation can all affect the lifespan. The API 602 swing check valve can last easily 10 to 30 years. If the environment is favorable, the valve can last longer. In harsh environmental conditions, the valve can fail sooner. However, the API 602 needle valve can last longer than the gate valves because the needle valve doesn’t wear off faster.

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What is the most common application for a API 602 ball valve?

Oil and gas industries use the API 602 forged valve types mostly because these can withstand high temperatures and high pressures. The natural gas industries use the valves as well. Since the material is hard, the valves are used in high-flow rate applications. The API 602 gate valve can be used in the heater, boiler, and power generation applications.

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Is a API 602 needle valve directional?

The ball valves have a ball-shaped wedge with bores on opposite sites. The API 602 extended body valve can turn the bores to align with the opening of the pipes to open the valve and turn the bores perpendicular to the pipe direction to close the valve. So, the valve can simply open and close the pipeline but does not demand a directional flow. The valves often are installed in a unidirectional pipeline, but the valves are not directional. They can facilitate flow in both directions. If the pressure inside the pipeline is not enough to maintain the flow in one direction, backflow can occur.