API 6d ball valve

API 6d ball valve

A Material which is ideal for shut-off applications because of their high performance and reliability is API 6D ball valve. This excellent performance characteristics and reliability is because of their design. They are available in class 150,300, 600,900,1500 and 2500 pressure classes. Adding to this, NPS2 to 36 inches to 900mm is the available size range of API 6D threaded ball valve. It follows the standard API 6D. This standard also states how the obturator on the valve rotates on an axis which is perpendicular to the flow direction.

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Since both API 6D floating ball valves and trunnion mounted ball valves come from the same ball type valves, they are different from each other, right from their design characteristics. In 6D floating ball valves, the ball floats within the body of the valve. Whereas in mounted trunnion ball valves, the trunnion is attached by a ball. This trunnion is short, cylindrical piece of metal. Adding to this, simplicity is offered more by the floating ball valves as compared to trunnion ball valves mainly because they exhibit low leakage risk. Simplicity means that the 6D API floating valves do not require maintenance and work much more efficiently than the mounted trunnion ball valve.

Specification of API 6d Ball Valve

Api 6d Ball Valve Specification

Size Range Media Pressure Rating
1/2 inch to 4 inch
  • Chemical
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Oil
150# to 2500#
End Connections Port Sizes Below listed API 6d Ball Valve Suppliers also stock following brands
  • Flanged
  • Screwed
  • Butt weld
  • Socket weld
  • Full port
  • Reduced port
  • Hyper
  • KSB
  • L & T
  • Amco
  • BHEL
  • Amtech
  • Spirax
  • Kirloskar
Threads Parts API 6d Ball Valve types
  • BSPT
  • UNF
  • NPT
  • BSPP
  • Valve Body
  • Valve Stem
  • Dowel Pin
  • Spring Washer
  • Handle
  • Handle Nut
  • Handle Sleeve
  • End Connector Seal
  • End Connector
  • End Stem Seal
  • Ball
  • Stem Spacer
  • API 6d floating ball valves
  • API 6d v port ball valve
  • API 6d manually operated ball valve
  • API 6d full port ball valve
  • API 6d reduced port ball valve
  • API 6d 3 way ball valve
  • API 6d multi port ball valve
  • API 6d standard port ball valve
  • API 6d threaded ball valve
Flow Patterns Media temperature range Standards
  • On-off
  • Switching
  • Crossover
-37°C to +107°C
  • ASME B31.8
  • ASME B16.34
  • API 6D
Testing List of projects where below listed API 6d Ball Valve manufacturers has supplied Seal Types
  • Valve Seat Leakage Tests
  • Back Seat Tests
  • Valve Closure Tests
  • PMI
  • Shell Leakage Tests
  • Ultrasonic
  • X-ray
  • MPI
  • Hokkaido Ishikari LNG Terminal – Japan
  • Petronas Penapisan – Malaysia
  • Arabian Gulf Oil Company – Libya
  • Chita LNG Terminal – Japan
  • Quintero LNG Terminal – Chile
  • NBR
  • CSM
  • PTFE
  • FKM
  • EPDM

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The main reason why they offer excellent characteristics and are highly reliable lies in the fact that it follows standards mentioned in API 6D. This standard mainly contains the requirements such as design, manufacturing, documentation and assembly of API 6D 3-way ball valve.

Despite this, to enhance the properties and ensure its accuracy, below tests are conducted:

  • Stem backseat testing.
  • Hydrostatic shell testing.
  • Hydrostatic seat testing.

It is also ideal to understand how and where tests are conducted. In the case of hydrostatic and backseat testing, the medium is a corrosion inhibitor with freshwater. This medium is nitrogen or an air, if it contains low-pressure. On the other hand, closure tests which are high pressure is inert gas or freshwater.

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Api 6d Ball Valve Body Material

Api 6d Ball Valve Material