API flange

API Flange

What is the API Flange?

American Petroleum Institute or API was formed so as to differentiate themselves from the APA flanges. They have the same origin as that of ANSI/ASME flanges, but are quite different from one another. The Api Flanges is designed for handling higher-rated operating pressure. They have high strength and are specifically designed to handle heavy work in oil refinery systems, nuclear power applications, bitumen upgraders, etc.

The Api 650 flanges is very efficient in resisting different types of corrosion like pitting or cracking when exposed to caustic solutions. The Api slip on flanges is the only choice for handling substances such as oil and explosive gasses, which needs high temperature and pressure tolerances. An Api blind flanges and ASME blind flange of the same dimensions might use the same circle and bolt hole, but remember that they are quite different from one another.

API flange dimensions, size chart, weight, specification and properties

Api Flange Specification

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What is the difference between API 5000 vs 10000 flange?

The Api 5000 Flanges are manufactured using carbon steel or alloy steel, and they help to join pipes or block a section of the piping system.
Api 10000 instrument flanges is of ring type joint specifically and they are not designed for face-to-face makeup. The bolting force basically reacts on the metallic ring gasket.

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How to check what class your API Companion flange is?

The best way to check the class of your API Companion flanges is by looking for the stamp printed on it. If it has worn out or is not visible due to any reason, you can count the number of bolt holes and refer to the narrower range of flanges sizes in the chart given by the manufacturer.

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Production Method of API 650 flange

The production process of API 650 flanges would include machining, heat treating, and then forging.

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How to test the API slip On flange?

The API slip On flanges can be tested with the non-destructive testing techniques. For example, radiography can be used for checking the corrosion on the flange face.

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Does Api blind flanges corrode easily?

The Api blind flanges are designed to withstand the harshest subsea environment, and thus they are not prone to corrosion easily.

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