Ar 400 plate

ar 400 plate

What is ar 400 plate?

Ar 400 is a versatile abrasion resistant steel grade. The ar 400 plate is designed with a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, chromium., nickel, molybdenum, and boron. The superior content embedded in the ar400 steel plate allows them to have good corrosion and oxidation resistance. The plates have good hardness but lower strength. The ar400 is a weather resistant grade having high toughness and excellent bendability. The plates are designed in thicknesses between 6mm to 130mm. The ar400 material has enhanced bendability and is used in structures that require moderate wear. The material can be welded following standard procedures. Ar400 wear plate has enhanced performance with a flawless finish. The plates are durable and have a prolonged service life.

The ar 400 plate is available in lengths up to 14630mm and widths up to 3350mm. The plates have excellent tensile and yield strengths in different conditions. The xar400 tensile strength is 1250mpa and can be elongated by 10% in the system. These plates are charpy impact tested at -40 degrees c. Wear plate 400 yield strength is a minimum of 1000mpa.

The ar 400 plate price is based on its size, thickness, material requirements, customizations, and any other specifications. Wear 400 plate price ranges between $3.45 to $4.2 per kg in India. The plates can also be purchased in tons. The price of the plates for ar 400 plate supplier in UAE starts at $4.98 per kg. Meet genuine stockist that supplies quality AR 400 plates across all of the middle east. Ar400 steel plate in us sells the plates at $5.87 per kg or more. The greater demand in the us and low availability make the price of steel fluctuate in the country. The ar400 equivalent material is weldox 700, domex 700, sumihard, everhard, xar, abrazo, dillidur, hartplast, etc.

The ar 400 plate weight calculator is a tool employed to calculate the weight of the grade. Other conventional methods can be used to calculate the weight of the plate. The ar400 suppliers supply these plates in different sizes and shapes to suit customer requirements.

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Ar 400 Plate Specification

Ar 400 Plate Properties

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What is the density of nm400 steel plate ?

The ar 400 plate density is 8 g/cm3.


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Difference between ar400 and ar500 plate

The ar 500 plate has superior hardness and mechanical performance. In comparison, the ar400 steel sheet has lower hardness and mechanical properties than the ar 500 grade.


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How wear plate 400 cut ?

The ar 400 plate can be cut using cold and thermal cutting methods. The common methods used to cut the ar400 sheet is laser, plasma, gas, and abrasive water jet cutting.


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What is ar400 wear plate hardness ?

The ar400 plate hardness is typically between 370 to 430 hbw.


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Can you bend ar 400 steel plate?

The versatile ar 400 steel plate can be cold formed and bent or roll bending the material efficiently. Any damage and rust deposits on the xar 400 plate reduce its flexibility. The removal of these defects is done by grinding the material.