Ar 450 plate

ar 450 plate

What is ar 450 plate?

Ar 450 is an abrasion resistant steel grade. The ar450 has a chemical composition of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, boron, sulfur, phosphorous, silicon, and carbon. Ar 450 steel plate has excellent resistance to wear and tear. These plates also have moderate corrosion resistance across harsh environments. The xar 450 wear plate has impact toughness, and doesn’t dent under any conditions, and has a longer service life. The ar450 spec is available in en 10029, en 10051, and en 10131 specifications. These plates have a thickness between 6mm up to 130mm. The ar450 density is above 9410 kg/m3 and has excellent tensile and yield strength. These plates are available in quenched and tempered conditions. Ar 450 plate suppliers supply these plates in different sizes and shapes as per requirements.

There are different grades of ar450 and equivalent standards. Ar450 steel grade is sought after wear resistant steel. The nm450 vs ar450 are other major distinguished grades seen in the abrasion resistant steel grade.

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AR 450 plates specifications, chemical composition, mechanical properties and equivalent | Ask AR 450 steel price from listed verified suppliers

Ar 450 Plate Specification

Ar 450 Plate Properties

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Compare cost of ar450 plate in India and Saudi Arabia

The price of the ar450 plate is based on its size, lengths, and other specifications. The rate of the ar450 steel sheet in india is $2.34 per kg, while in saudi arabia, these plates cost $3.89 per kg.


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How to drill ar450 wear plate?

The ar450 plate is usually drilled using a carbide cutter. Here the cutter has to be set to its right cutting speed by adjusting its rpm. Proper distance has to be kept between the surface and the cutter while using coolant lubricants. This is followed by drilling through the metal.


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How to weld ar450 steel plate?

The ar450 plate can be welded following all conventional arc welding methods. This wear plate 450 requires basic and rutile consumables to give them the required hydrogen content. The consumable should have yield strength of less than 500 mpa, which reduces the residual stress level.


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How hard is wear plate 450?

The 450 wear plate has a hardness between 425 to 475 with thicknesses between 5 to 80mm.


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Difference between xar400 and 450

The major difference between the ar 400 and 450 is their brinell hardness. The nm450 steel plate has a higher hardness than ar 400 grade. This gives the 450 grade better resistance to abrasion and dents that gives them a longer service life.