Ar 500 plate

ar 500 plate

What is ar 500 plate?

Ar 500 is an abrasion resistant steel specification. ar 500 steel plate has a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and boron. This gives the ar 500 wear plate superior resistance to corrosive and oxidative reducers in harsh environments. The plates have good bendability and can be readily welded. The ar 500 plate hardness varies between 470 to 530hbw.

These plates have a thickness between 4mm to 32mm or more. A ar500 wear plate has a minimum tensile strength of 225,000 ksi with a minimum yield strength of 190,000ksi. The ar 500 plate supplier supplies the plate in quenched, tempered, sheared, or thermally cut edges and thicknesses. The ar 500 plate price starts at $2.33 and varies based on the dimensions or any customizations of the grade.

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AR500 steel sheet specifications, composition, mechanical properties and equivalent material | Contact now for Ar 500 steel price list

Ar 500 Plate Specification

Ar 500 Plate Properties

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Is ar500 plate bendable?

The ar 500 has a nominal hardness of 500 hbw and is resistant to wear and tear. The plates can be easily bendable using cold forming procedures.


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Where ar500 wear plate is used?

The 500 bhn plate has excellent toughness that allows them to be used in different applications. A 500 wear plate is seen in chemical and general industries like heat exchangers, boilers, pipeline connections, etc. The ar500 material can efficiently handle high pressure and temperatures in different conditions due to various heat treatment procedures.


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Ar 500 vs 600

The ar 500 and 600 can be differentiated based on their hardness. A ar 600 plate has a nominal hardness of 600 hbw, while ar 500 has a nominal hardness of 500 hbw.


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What is xar500 welding procedure?

The ar 500 has unique performance and exceptional welding capacity. The xar 500 wear plate can be welded following all welding procedures. The 7018 electrodes or mild steel mig wire be used to preheat and weld the thick sections. The plates have to be heated at temperatures up to 100 degrees c. If the weld is softer than a plate then the welds can be capped using hard-facing electrodes.


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What is toughness of ar 500 steel plate?

The nm500 steel plate is a high payload grade that has excellent toughness. The wear plate 500 can be measured based on its charpy impact toughness.