AR200 steel plate

AR200 steel plate

What is AR200 steel plate ?

The AR200 is a grade of abrasion resistant steel plate. AR200 plate is a higher content of carbon and smaller additions of manganese and other alloys. These plates have good toughness and hardness while having comparably lower strength. The AR200 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate helps resist wear and tear in the system. These plates are utilized in load bearing duties in certain applications.

A Hot Rolled Abrasion Resistant AR200 Plate has excellent mechanical properties. These plates have minimum yield strength of 483mpa, with a minimum tensile strength of 621mpa. A Wear Resistant Ar200 Steel Plate is available with a thickness between 5mm to 150mm. These plates can be custom designed to meet different requirements.

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AR200 Steel Plate Specification

AR200 Steel Plate Properties

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How does the welding ar200 plate perform?

The process of welding the AR 200 plate should be done, taking into account several parameters to prevent material cracking. Welding AR 200 plate should be performed using
Low hydrogen consumable, while pre-heating the material. This is followed by slowly cooling it down. The filler material that is used should match the same material to minimize the weld restraint. Finally, peening should be performed to reduce cracking by tensile residual stresses.


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Ar200 vs ar400

The ar200 and ar400 plates are abrasion resistant steel plates that differ in hardness and not their chemical properties. The AR200 plate is harder as compared to the Ar200 grade.


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What is armed ?

ARMED is military grade steel that is a crucial component in defense and security applications.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ar medium plate ?

The AR medium plate has excellent abrasion resistance and good hardness. These plates don’t wear or tear easily and have good ant-skid properties. The robust Ar Medium Plate doesn’t have the same strength as other stainless steel and it is less ductile.


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Is ar200 abrasion resistant steel plate heat treatable ?

The Ar200 abrasion resistant plate can be easily heat treatable. Heat treatment is employed to make the AR 200 steel plate malleable or stronger.