Armor plates

armor plates

What is armor plates ?

Armor plates are a high hardness grade designed with excellent toughness. The armor plates can be designed with different constituents like stainless steel, manganese, and hadfield steel. The armour 370t cl.1/2 plates are generally produced in martensitic hardened grades with iron and carbon as primary alloys. The plates are tolerant to wear and can protect against hard blows and external threats.

The armour 440t plates can be tempered or hardened during heat treatment procedures. There are different types of armour plates ranging from blast protection, construction, and protective material.

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Armor Plates Specification

Armor Plates Properties

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How durable is plate armour?

Plate armour is very durable and tolerant to wear and tear. The armour plate protects against any projectiles or external threats.


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Exactly how thick is a armour plate ?

The armour plate has a superior thickness that gives them an edge in the system. Armor steel plate varies in thickness from 8mm to 250mm.


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How is armour plate forged?

Armour plate has to be hard but also resistant to shock. The body armor plates are produced by processing cast steel billets into appropriate sizes. This is followed by rolling the armour 500t plates into the required thickness.


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What is application of armour wear plate?

The armour wear plates are designed with superior strength and hardness. The armour wear plate is seen in lightweight body armour, marine ropes, commercial fishing nets, and vehicle armour plating. Armor plate steel is also common in security netting, storm protection panes, medical applications, etc.


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What are armour plate classification ?

The armour plate can be divided into soft and hard armour specifications. The soft body armor plates are flexible and are lighter and agile in comparison to hard armour grade.


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