ASME B16.36 Class 900 orifice flange

ASME B16.36 Class 900 Orifice Flange

What is ASME B16.36 Class 900 Orifice Flange?

The ASME B16.36 class 900 Orifice flange is a standard that covers pressure, temperature, dimensional, and tolerances of flanges. ASME B16.36 900 Rf Orifice Flanges can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and other media. The flanges are designed to connect different applications. The ASME B16.36 900 Lb Orifice Flange is produced with different material grades, like stainless steel, brass, bronze, Inconel, etc. The versatile ASME B16.36 Class 900 Orifice Pipe Flange can either be welded or threaded using standard procedures. These flanges are designed in flat, raised, and ring joint type face. The ANSI B16.36 Cl 900 Orifice Blind Flange can be customized as per customer requirements.

ASME B16.36 Class 900 Orifice Flange dimensions, weight and specification

ASME B16.36 Class 900 Orifice Flange Specification

ASME B16.36 Class 900 Orifice Flange Dimensions

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What are the features of CL900 jack screw flanges?

The CL900 jack screw flanges are reliable flanges that are seen in different applications. ANSI B16 36 Class 900 Jack Screw Flange is used to check the flow rate in the piping system. These flanges come in different face types. The robust Class 900 ANSI B16.36 Orifice Plate Flanges can connect directly to different piping modules. They allow easy fitting of meter connection.

ASME b16.36 class 900 weld neck orifice flanges for high-temperature applications in GCC countries

How is the class 900 ANSI b16.36 orifice plate flanges pressure rating calculated?

The pressure rating of an Orifice ANSI B16.36 grade can be calculated to allow it to work in different conditions. The ANSI B16.36 900# Weld Neck Orifice Flange can be calculated using the formula
Pt= C1S1/8750 X Pr
Here, the C1 of the ASME B16.36 Cl 900 Raised Face Orifice Flange = 10.
Pr= pressure rating class index
Pt= rated working pressure bar that is specified at temperature T.
S1 = selected stress Mpa with specified material temperature T.

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The installation process of ANSI B16.36 900# weld neck orifice flange

The ANSI B16.36 Cl 900# flange is installed based on the flow direction in either horizontal or vertical direction. ASME B16.36 Class 900 Weld Neck Orifice Flanges are installed between the mating flanges. The flanges are usually welded using a butt weld.

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Which testing is required to test 900lb jack screw flanges?

The 900lb jack screw flanges are subject to different testing processes as per requirements. These flanges are tested based on material, mechanical, chemical, visual, and raw material tests. They can also be tested using radiography, non-destructive, visual, and PMI tests.

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Applications & uses of ASME B16.36 class 900 orifice flange

The ASME B16.36 class 900 orifice flange is designed in operate in different conditions. ASME B16.36 Carbon Steel Orifice Flanges are common in heavy and light chemical, petrochemical, sewage treatment, power generation, and oil production. ASME B16.36 Cl 900 Orifice Slip On Flange are also seen in gas processing, transmission system, nuclear plants, the paper industry, etc.

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