ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 blind flange

ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 blind flange

What is ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 Blind Flange?

Fluid flow is facilitated through different types of pipes throughout the world in different industrial applications and setups. There are fittings and flanges to facilitate the connection and directional change of the pipes in various instances. The pipes are only made up to a certain length, and therefore the pipes have to be connected with some other components. The flanges come in different specifications. The ASME B16.47 is the specification of flanges with diameters over 24NPS nominal pipe size. Now, there are series A and series B. The series B flanges have more bolt holes than the series A for any given flange. The ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 Blind Flange has 36 bolt holes for the 26 NPS flange, whereas the series B counterpart will only have 24 bolt holes. This additional number of bolt holes makes the flanges useful for repair and tightening operations, where the connection is more evenly distributed among the number of bolts.

ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 Blind Flange dimensions, weight and specification

ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 Blind Flange Specification

ASME B16.47 Series B Class 150 Blind Flange Dimensions

Check Sr B 150# BLRF flange dimension in mm

How to check correct sizes of ANSI B16.47 SR B Cl150 BLRF Flange?

Ansi B16.47 Sr A 150# Wn Flange has one of the highest pressure capacities. Each flange from each class with a different pressure rating has a dimensional set. Each of these dimensions is important to make sure that the flange operates as expected. The Series A Cl 150 Wnrf Flange has an outer diameter, circumference, diameter at the base, the length of the bolt hole, the diameter of the bevel, bolt circle, bolt length, and so on. The dimensions table presents each of the parameters specified for each nominal pipe size of the flanges.

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Which test required for Sr B 150# BLRF Flange?

Asme B16 47 Series A Cl 150 Weld Neck Flange and other flanges get a specific set of mechanical, chemical, and physical properties due to their dimensions, material, and the making process. The surface finish and the face finish are important aspects too. So to check if the flanges have the qualities they are supposed to have, there are tests. The ASME B16.47 Series A Class 150 Raised Face Weld Neck Flange can be tested through radiography and ultrasonic tests to see if the grain distribution is even and if the surface has a good absolute roughness. They can be tested with yield tests, tensile tests, hydrostatic tests, and visual inspection tests to make sure that the flanges have the parameters they are supposed to have.

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Application and advantages of ANSI B16 47 Series B Class 150 Blank Flanges

Series A 150 Lbs Weld Neck Pipe Flanges are applied in the first installation whereas the series B would be applied in the second installation, or mostly at repairs. Series B flanges are usually lighter, with shallow bolt holes and lighter bolts, but with more numbers. This makes the series B flanges suitable to be worked more accurately and to alight more properly if the ASME B16.47 Series A Class 150 Weld Neck Flange cannot do it. The applications of these flanges can be seen in the oil and gas industries, offshore and onshore applications, power generation, nuclear power plants, and other industrial pipelines as well.

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At what temperature does B16.47 Series B Blank Flanges get weak?

Series A 150 Lb Wn Flange and the series B flanges all have temperature restrictions. Generally, these flanges operate from -29° Celsius up to 500° Celsius operating temperatures. Above this rating, when the Ansi B16.47 Sr A #150 Rtj Wn Flange is heated over 500° Celsius, the yield strength of the material lowers due to the material going closer to the melting point. The plasticity increases and the pressure required to break the material is also very low. This is why the Series A Cl 150 Reducing Weld Neck Flange or any other flange has temperature limits over which they are not recommended to work at, or else they break. The temperature restrictions differ from material to material as their melting points and temperature resistance qualities are different.

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How to calculate Series B 150lb Blind Flanges weight?

The weight of the flange is influenced by a number of parameters. The type of flange, whether it has a flat face or raised face, and whether the flange is blind or has opened are the most important. For the blind flanges, the outside, diameter, thickness of the flange, the number of drill holes, and the hole diameters are enough to calculate the weight. You calculate the area of the circle, and then the volume, reduce the volume for bolt holes, and then, multiply the resultant volume by the density of the material used to make the flange. If the Series A Class 150 Wnrf Flange or any other more complex flange is to be calculated, the calculation involves more parameters. The easiest way is to check against the dimensions table.