ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900 blind flange

ASME b16.47 series b class 900 blind flange

For covering larger use case, ASME B16.47 series B class 900 blind flanges are widely recommended. This is mainly because it covers for the flanges which are comparatively larger in size, which comply with ASME B16.47 material standard.
This standard covers for the dimensional aspects for ASME B16.47 series B class 900 blind flange dimensions, where it is available within 26″ to 60″, with the pressure rating lying under the class 900. The predecessor to this standard was MSS SP-44. Not only this, materials of ANSI B16.47 series B class 900 blank flanges are the same as the flanges that come under ASME B16.45, but it is different for flanges, which are of nickel alloys.

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ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900 blind flange specification

ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900 Blind Flange Specification

No of Bolts Facing Type
20 to 24 (Hex/ Stud bolts) RF Blind Flange (BLRF)
ASME Standard Series & Class Size
ASME B16.47 Series B and Class 900 26″ – 48″
Manufacturing Method (ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900 blind forged flange) Material Specification Testing of ANSI B16.47 900# series b blank flange
  • Forged
  • Plate
  • Stamped
  • Casting
  • Ni (Nickel alloy): ASTM B564 Grade 200, Ni 201
  • Alloy Steel (AS) : ASME SA182 Grade F1/ F5/ F9/ F11/ F12/ F22/ F91
  • Hastelloy: Top selling Gr Alloy C-22, C-276, C-22HS, N, S, W, X, C-2000, C, C-4, B, B-2, B-3, G-35, G-3, G-30
  • Carbon steel :
    • SA694 F42/ 46/ 52/ 56/ 60/ 65/ 70
    • ASME/ ASTM A181 Gr CL 60 and CL 70
    • ASME/ ASTM A105
  • Inconel: (best selling 600, 601, 625, 718 grade), (617, 601GC, 602CA, 690, 693, 625LCF, 603XL, 686,) 706, 718SPF, 725, 740H, X-750, 751, MA754, MA758, 783
  • Super Duplex and Duplex: F53 (UNS S32750), F55 (UNS S32760), F60 (UNS S32205), F61 (UNS S32550), ASME SA182 Grade F44 (UNS S31254), F51 (UNS S31803)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) : ASTM A182 Gr. F304/ F304L, F316/ F316L, F316Ti/ F310/ F310S, F321/ F321H, F347 & F347H, F317L/ F904L
  • Ti (Titanium): B381 Gr F2/ F3/ and Grade F5/ F12
  • Copper nickel (for sea water):
    • C70620, CW352H, Copper nickel 90/10, EEMUA 234/3-6, WL 2.1972, C7060T
    • ASME SB151
    • CU-Ni 70/30
  • Monel: Alloy 400, 401, 404, K-500, R-405, 502
  • Low temperature carbon steel : ASTM A350 LTCS Gr LF2/ LF3/ LF6
  • Incoloy: Alloy 800/ 800H/ 800HT, 803, 825, 832, 864, 890, 330, A-286, 27-7MO, 903, 907, 908, 909, 925, 926, 945, 945X, 020, 028, 25-6HN, MA956, DS
  • Proof test
  • Impact test
  • Hardness test
  • Tensile testing
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Metallurgical test
  • Magnetic particle test
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With the material compliance comes an added benefit of using it. When suggested for use case, it offers simplistic mechanic design properties. Not only this, the heat treatment of B16.47 900lb series B BLRF flange also enhances its quality. Most importantly, in scenarios where corrosion resistance is needed, this material shows excellent resisting properties.

This is one of the most crucial factors that must be seen before choosing any products. Also, it is highly advised for customers to also check for the material certification and test results of the below mentioned testing standards

  • Non-Destructive testing: without altering physical dimensions, ASME B16.47 cl 900 sr B blank flange are evaluated for their performance and quality.
  • Eddy current testing: for ensuring that flanges are devoid of any defects or flaws, electronic probes are passed throughout the material.
  • Hydrotesting: out of all testing methods, this method of testing is one of the most favourite ones for customer. This is because it is demanded only by the customers to be sure on their part for B16.47 series B cl900 blind flanges being genuine. This test is however not a compulsory testing method.

But ideally, be sure on your part if custom or specific dimensions are aspired. If such cases are considered, then either customers can demand for price quotations from the listed suppliers at Or they can check for alternate grades or materials. Make sure that these price quotations and demands are as per the material standards too.

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Weight of B16.47 900LB series b BLRF flange in KG

NPS in MM Outer Diameter (O.D.) Bolts Holes Hole Diameter Weight in KG
660 40.25 20 2.62 990
711 43.5 20 2.88 1252
762 46.5 20 3.12 1512
812 48.75 20 3.12 1753
863 51.75 20 3.38 2075
914 53 24 3.12 2251
965 57.5 20 3.62 2836
1016 59.5 24 3.62 3147
1066 61.5 24 3.62 3481
1117 64.88 24 3.88 4061
1168 68.25 24 4.12 4729
1219 70.25 24 4.12 5170


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Mayanmar Taiwan Cambodia
Estimated Shipping 25 days 15 days 9 days
Extra cost 5% 5% 5%
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ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900 Blind Flange dimensions

ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900 Blind Flange Dimensions