ASTM A1014 bolts

ASTM A1014 Bolts

What is ASTM A1014 bolts?

The ASTM A1014 bolts are fasteners coming under the precipitation hardened Inconel 718 alloy grade. ASTM A1014 Bolts work in higher temperature conditions and bolster enhanced corrosion resistance tolerances. These bolts can be connected either permanently or temporarily in the system. The ASTM A1014 Stud Bolts have superior creep rupture properties and work well in cryogenic temperatures up to 1200 degrees F. A1014M Threaded Rod is threaded across its length. These rods have outstanding resistance to chloride and sulfide stress corrosion cracking. SA1014 Studs has an ultimate tensile strength of 135000psi with a minimum yield strength of 70000psi. The ASTM A1014M Washers are employed to evenly distribute the pressure and stress in the system. Further, they provide rigidity and support to different fasteners.

ASTM A1014 Bolts Specifications

ASTM A1014 Bolts Chemical Composition

ASTM A1014 Bolts Mechanical Properties

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What is ASTM A1014 material?

The ASTM A1014 material covers precipitation hardened bolting material. This ASTM A1014 Material has superior strength and is designed to work in higher temperature service. They have excellent resistance to corrosive media and the unique property of slow aging.

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How do you determine the weight of ASTM A1014 fasteners?

The weight of the ASTM A1014 fasteners determines the load it will add to the system. ASTM A1014 Fasteners weight can be calculated using the formula Length x Width x Density x Thickness.

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What is the benefit of A1014M hex bolts?

The A1014M hex bolt is designed with a hexagonal cross sectional area. These A1014M Hex Bolts can fit well across compact spaces and have good corrosion resistance properties. These bolts have high temperature resistance and age-hardenable properties. The ASTM A1014 Heavy Hex Bolts have good creep and stress rupture properties.

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What are A1014 screws used for?

The A1014 screws are employed to efficiently connect different pieces of equipment. A1014 Screws are a common feature in chemical processing, aerospace, nuclear reactors, pollution control, and cryogenic tanks.

ASTM A1014 stud bolts, SA1014 studs and heavy hex bolts available in smaller than 1⁄4 inch sizes

What size do ASME SA1014M hex head bolts come in?

The ASME SA1014M hex head bolts are generally produced in metric sizes of M6 to M100 or more. These ASME SA1014M Hex Head Bolts have imperial sizes of 1/4 to 4 inches.