ASTM A1085 tube

ASTM A1085 Tube

What is astm a1085 tube?

Cold-Formed Forged Stainless Steel Hollow Structural Segment (HSS) Standard Specification (ASTM A1085). A newer HSS specification called ASTM A1085 Cold-Formed Welded Carbon Steel Hollow Structural, seamless, carbon hollow steel segments for use with welding or bolting.
This standard applies to ASTM A1085 Hollow Structural Section (HSS) used in welded or bolted building projects for, but not restricted to, constructions such as residences, flyovers, tall buildings, machinery, sign supports, and rods, nearshore manufacturing as well as digging systems, roll-overprotective structure (ROPS), starting to fall object protective structure (FOPS), & amusement rides.
A specification known as a1085 steel tube is used to create hollow structural sections (HSS), which offer enhanced results in earthquakes and other cracking-related activities.

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ASTM A1085 Tube dimensions and specification

ASTM A1085 Tube Specification

ASTM A1085 Tube Properties

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What is Charpy v-notch toughness of a1085 steel tube?

According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Zone 2 important breaking parts or other situations where toughness is crucial. ASTM A1085 Tube must pass a standard Charpy V-notch examination with a value of 25 ft-lb at 40 ° F.
For low-heat operation or dynamic loading operations, the choice of A1085 Structural Tubing for higher toughness is crucial due to the risk of a part breaking due to brittleness. International specifications frequently demand Charpy V-notch (CVN) crash analysis of the steel material to evaluate scratch resistance. The durability of cold-formed HSS is not solely determined by the durability of the material of the coil.

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A1085 HSS vs ASTM A500 grade B

More significant exact wall limits are provided by ASTM A1085 specification than ASTM A500-13 Grade B. The total nominal wall width can be utilized in the development of HSS thanks to this stricter specified tolerance and the inclusion of a bulk tolerance of -3.5 percent.
For all forms of HSS, Tube Steel ASTM A1085 specifies a minimum yield point of 50 ksi (cylindrical, squared, and rectangular). It is simple to remember because it is the identical minimal yield point for most of the structural steel used during structural engineering. Required tensile strengths for square & rectangular shapes in ASTM A500-13 Gr B are 46 ksi and 42 ksi, respectively.

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What is the thickness range of HSS a1085?

HSS A1085’s wall thickness varies from 0.148″ to 0.875″. For cold-treated welded production methods, including a wall thickness of less than 7/8″, both specifications are restricted to a maximal perimeter of 88″. The wall width tolerance for A1085 is +10%/-5%.
The load-bearing capability and strength of the hollow segment are determined by the wall thickness of the tubing. In order to lower the risk of failure, the wall thickness is a crucial factor in choosing the hollow section for our application in various sectors. Its primary properties are dependent on the thickness of its walls.

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Is a1085 tube a cost saving option?

The price of ASTM A1085 pipes is reasonable. The rationale behind this is lowering the quantity of steel needed in a layout. It results in less equipment and considerable financial savings for the construction. They need less in the way of maintenance fees and repairs.
Because less metal is needed than in the case of conventional HSS and broad flanges beams, there are cost savings. A nearly complete nominal area is accessible for strength estimates, and the reductions come from better yield strength. While the cost of HSS manufactured goes up by $3/CWT or $60/tonne because of the extra ASTM SA1085 characteristics. Modern Materials & Cost Savings Are Offered by ASTM SA1085 HSS.

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What is the application of astm a1085 hollow structural section?

In applications exposed to deformation and structures having seismic criteria, ASTM A1085 HSS is frequently employed. Structural engineers may design with HSS more easily and effectively thanks to ASTM A1085’s improved performance. The acceptable wall tolerance of ASTM A500 is halved, and a mass tolerance is added.
Consequently, the section has the ability to handle higher capacity by allowing specifiers to utilize the entire nominal wall width for section attributes and link configurations. The strain rate is limited to 50 ksi and has a minimum yield point of 50 ksi for all forms according to ASTM A1085. For the tectonic disturbance application that depends on the capacity design, this is the ideal option.