ASTM A153 Class B bolts

ASTM A153 Class B bolts

What are ASTM A153 Class B bolts called?

The ASTM A153 class B bolts is a fastener that is zinc coated with a hot-dip galvanizing process. A153 Class B bolts allow for metallurgical reactions with different materials. These bolts are generally forged, cast, or rolled. The A153 Class B Heavy Hex Bolts allow for connection with different equipment. These bolt can be easily dismantled without damaging the material. They are affixed with nuts and ASME SA153 Class B Washers, giving them better clamping force and equal pressure distribution.

ASTM A153 Class B Bolts Specifications

ASTM A153 Class B Hex Bolts Dimensions

ASTM A153 Class B Bolts Weight And Thickness

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What is the shear strength of A153M Class B fasteners?

The shear strength of the A153M class B fasteners is not specified by most manufacturers. A153M Class B Fasteners are considered 60% of its tensile strength. So, these fasteners have a shear strength of 90ksi.

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What size do SA153M Class B hex bolts come in?

The SA153M class B hex bolts are forged, rolled, and pressed equipment that comes under the B-1, B-2, and B-3 classes. SA153M Class B Hex Bolt come in thickness of 3/16 and over with lengths up to 15 inches.

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Is ASTM A153M Class B hex nuts hardened?

The ASTM A153M hexagonal nuts are hot dipped galvanized by immersing in molten zinc. A153M Class B Hex Nuts can be hardened via press hardening or other heat treatment processes.

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ASTM A153 Class B threaded rod benefits

The ASTM A153 threaded rod of class B is threaded across its length. A153 Class B Threaded Rod helps effectively connect two materials. These rods help stabilize different structures and can connect with wood, concrete, or metal. The SA 153 Class B Studs can be easily connected to create both temporary and permanent connections. These studs are reliable and have a long service life.

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Applications of A 153M Class B stud bolts

The A 153M class B stud bolt are versatile fasteners that are used to connect different applications across a range of industries. SA 153M Class B Stud Bolt are a feature in the chemical sector, piping equipment, gas purpose lines, and automotive units. The SA153 Class B Screws are also employed in pulp and paper, transportation units, construction systems, etc.