ASTM A153 Class C bolts

ASTM A153 Class C Bolts

What are ASTM A153 Class C bolts?

The ASTM A153 class C bolts are standard hot dip galvanized bolts. These A153 Class C Bolt have good corrosion resistance properties. They are tolerant to stress and vibrations in harsh environments. The A153 Class C Stud Bolts connect different equipment efficiently in the system. These bolts are partially threaded and generally require a nut to hold them in place. SA 153 Class C Screws are similar to bolt; however, they don’t require a nut or washer to hold them. These screws can be easily installed and dismantled without damaging the piece. The ASTM A153M Class C Threaded Rod has good strength and bolsters excellent clamping force. These rods can be custom designed to suit project requirements.

ASTM A153 Class C Bolts Specifications

ASTM A153 Class C Stud Bolts Dimensions

ASTM A153 Class C Bolts Weight And Thickness

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What is the hardness of A153M Class C fasteners?

The hardness of the A153M class C fastener determines its inherent resistance to the surface to withstand stress and erosion. The A153M Class C Fasteners have a Rockwell B hardness of 180 max.

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What is ASME SA153 Class C studs size?

The ASME SA153 Class C studs are designed in diameters above 3/8. These ASME SA153 Class C Studs have a minimum thickness of 2.1 mils.

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What is the melting point of the SA153M Class C washers?

The SA153M class C washer has a melting point of 650 degrees C. These SA153M Class C Washers work in temperatures of 250 degrees C.

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Characteristics of A 153M Class C hex bolts

The A 153M class C hex bolts are 6-sided hexagonal fasteners. These A 153M Class C Hex Bolt are hot dipped zinc coated bolt that have good corrosion resistance properties. These bolt can work in tight and compact spaces. The ASTM A153 Class C Heavy Hex Bolt are partially threaded along their length and affixed efficiently. These bolt are reliable and bolster good performance.

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What can SA153 Class C hex nuts be used for?

The SA153 Class C hex nuts are used to affix bolt, screws, and studs with better clamping force. SA153 Class C Hex Nuts are common in the chemical sector, automotive, gas lines, piping equipment, etc.