ASTM A153 Class D bolts

ASTM A153 Class D Bolts

What are ASTM A153 Class D bolts?

The ASTM A153 class D bolt is a standard specification of hot-dip zinc coated fasteners. ASTM A153 Class D bolts are designed in rolled, pressed, and cast procedures. These bolts have a threaded shaft that connects to a female thread. The ASTM A153 Class D Hex Nuts are employed to affix the material efficiently. These nuts increase the clamping force and reduce axial movement in the system. SA153 Class D Screws are similar to bolt fasteners, but they don’t require any nuts to affix them. These screws bolster good corrosion resistance and tolerances in harsh environments.

ASTM A153 Class D Bolts Specifications

ASTM A153 Class D Bolts Weight And Thickness

ASTM A153 Class D U Bolts Dimensions

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What is the torque on A153M Class D fasteners?

The torque of A153M class D fasteners is designed in standard sizes of M5 to M30 diameters. These A153M Class D Fasteners have a tightening torque from 7Nm to 1719Nm. The tightening torque of these fasteners is based on the size of the specifications.

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How do you calculate the shear strength of an ASME SA153 Class D washers?

The shear strength of the ASME SA153 class D washer is 60% of its tensile strength. ASME SA153 Class D Washers have a tensile strength of 60,000psi, so their shear strength is 36,000psi.

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What size is an SA153M Class D threaded rod?

The SA153M Class D threaded rod is designed with diameters under 3/8 with sizes up to 15 inches in length. An SA153M Class D Threaded Rod has a minimum thickness of 2.1 mill.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ASTM A153M Class D stud bolts?

The ASTM A153M class D stud bolts have a partially threaded shaft across their length. ASTM A153M Class D Stud Bolts have higher torque values that allow them to connect with different equipment. These bolts are easy to dismantle and can handle higher pressure fluid media. The SA 153 Class D Studs may, however, loosen when exposed to high vibration in stress-induced conditions. These studs can corrode under harsh environmental conditions.

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Does A153 Class D hex bolts rust?

The class D A153 hex bolts are coated with zinc to protect them against corrosion. The A153 Class D Hex Bolts have good corrosion resistance as zinc acts as a sacrificial layer against harsh affluents. The A 153M Class D Heavy Hex Bolts may rust when exposed to outdoor environments for prolonged periods.