ASTM A153 screws

ASTM A153 Screws

What are ASTM A153 screws?

The ASTM A153 screw is a hot-dip zinc coated fastener grade. ASTM A153 Screws are pointed pins having a raised helical thread running around them and possess a slotted head. The ASME SA153 Hex Cap Screws don’t require a nut and can fasten different equipment by immersing directly in the material. These HDG ASTM A153 Machine Screws have good corrosion resistance and work well in harsh environments. These screws have good strength and performance. ASTM A153 Hot Dip Galvanized Drywall Screws can be tightened using a screwdriver or a wrench. These screws are resistant to wear and tear in the system. The A153 ASTM Wood Screws tap directly into wood and are available in a range of sizes. These screw can be heat treated to increase their performance. A153 Galvanized Socket Cap Screws can be customized as per customer requirements.

ASTM A153 Screws Specifications

ASTM A153 Screws Dimensions

ASTM A153 Screws Weight And Thickness

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What are ASME SA153 self tapping screws?

A self tapping ASME SA153 screws can tap their own hole directly into the material. The SA153 Self Tapping Screw can only thread in soft or sheet material. These screws are further subdivided into self drilling and thread rolling types.

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What are ASTM A153M self drilling screws used for?

The ASTM A153M self drilling screws drill directly into the material and create their own threads. A153M Self Drilling Screw are used to affix different materials in chemical processing, pulp and paper, power generation applications, etc.

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What is the temperature for ASTM A 153 set screws?

The ASTM A153 set screws are designed to operate in temperatures up to 480 degrees F. If the ASTM A 153 Set Screw go above their temperature they will deteriorate under stress.

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What is the melting point of SA153 grub screws?

The SA153 grub screw is formed, having a melting point of around 650 degrees C. SA153 Grub Screw melting point determines its shape and boiling point of the specification.

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What determines the tightening torque value for an ASTM A153 socket head cap screw?

The tightening torque of socket head screw varies based on various parameters. ASTM A153 Socket Head Cap Screw tightening torque is determined based on its size, surface finish, lubricants, and plating.